Review : Love Mouli


Movie Name : Love Mouli

Starring : Navdeep, Pankhuri Gidwani, Charvi Dutta

Director: Avaneendra

Producer: Cspace , Nyra Creations and Srikara Studios

Music Director: Govind Vasantha

Cinematographers: Ajay Sivasanker

Editor: Avaneendra

Release Date : June 07, 06, 2024 Rating :3/5

Navdeep always tries to impress the audience with different stories. That’s why all Navdeep’s films are new. After a brief gap, he recently came in front of the audience with the film ‘Love Mouli’. The film is being promoted with different promotions. Presented by Sreekara Studios. The film is produced by Space and Naira Creations. The film has been directed by Anand Shankar. Let’s see how Navdeep, who announced his 2.0 version with this film, has impressed as Love Mouli.

Story: He was separated from his parents. Mauli (Navdeep) grows up with his grandfather. At the age of 14, his grandfather dies and he lives in his own world without caring for anyone else. But he’s a great painter. He stays at his resort in Meghalaya and occasionally paints. The paints that Mouli puts are sold by his manager Harika. One day, when Mauli goes to the forest, an Aghora (Rana) appears and talks about love. Aghora creates a paintbrush and leaves with Mauli. Harika (Bhavana Sagi) gets into a fight with Mauli after she accidentally sells a piece of paint for her ex-girlfriend. You don’t know what you really want, and you don’t know what kind of girl you want. In anger, he paints a girl named Chitra (Pankhuri Gidwani) with the paintbrush given to him by the Aghora, telling her about the qualities of the girl he wants. A girl named Chitra actually comes out of that paint. After quarrelling with Chitra, he again paints that these are not the qualities of the girl he wants. The picture again comes out of the paint with the desired character of Molly. How many times have you painted it? How many characters have you played in the film? Do you know what true love is? Who is Mouli’s ex-girlfriend? Why are you fighting with her? To know whether Mauli has finally found a girlfriend, you have to watch the film on screen.

A new screenplay with a new element of fantasy is presented. What is the love of a boy? The story is about what he learned on his journey to find the girl he wanted. The first half is a bit slow while the second half is gripping . The music and the background score of the film are very good. The entire film was shot in Meghalaya. The screenplay was written in such a way that the story could be told there. The climax is interesting. In terms of scenes, a lot of scenes connect to everyone in love and marriage at some point or the other. The love story of the film is very much connected to our real life. The kissing scenes and the bold scenes are good. Most of the kissing scenes seem natural, but one or two bold scenes seem to be necessary. The director said that he felt what love means to him in this film. However, no matter how new the story is shown, it seems that everyone is telling the same thing in the end.

As shown in the promotions, Navdeep looked like a wild animal with a full beard and hair and showed an emotion in his performance as well. Navdeep is playing the lead role in 2.0. Navdeep worked hard for the body and trekking scenes in the film. Pankhuri Gidwani played the female lead in the film. The film also impressed with its acting and looks in various characters as desired by Mouli’s character. Every time I do something for a film, I do it. Bhavana Sagi, who played Harika, did not mind playing the role of a modern manager. The rest of the cast includes Mirchi Hemanth, Kiran, Charvi Dutta and Akshay Dogre. They excelled in their roles. Rana Daggubati made a guest appearance as Aghora. He became so quickly remembered as the real Rana.

First of all, let’s talk about the location of the film. Meghalaya has magnificent hills, valleys, rivers and forests. The film has been shot in many beautiful locations. The locations were very well captured on camera. The director himself worked as a cinematographer and showed the visuals he wanted. Govind Vasantha and Krishna have composed the music. The songs are good to listen to. Background music is also good. Though the story is old, the director has given a new twist to it. Avanindra was successful in his first film as a director. In terms of production values, the film has been made wonderfully without any lag despite the difficulties due to Corona and many other reasons. Go and watch it.