Satyabhama Movie Review


Film; Satyabhama
Directed by; Suman Chikkala
Produced by; Bobby Tikka,Srinivasa rao Tikkalapalli
Banner; Avuram Arts
Starring;Kajal Agarwal,Naveen Chandra,Harshavardhan, Ravi Varma and Prakash Raj.
Editor Kodati Pawan Kalyan
background music of Sricharan Pakala.
Release dat; 7/6/2024 rating; 3/5

Kajal Aggarwal is all set to make her debut in Telugu with the film Satyabhama. Directed by Suman Chikkala, the film is produced by Bobby Tikka and Srinivasa Rao Thakkalapalli under the banner of Avuram Arts. Satyabhama, a crime suspense thriller, is all set to hit the theatres today (June 7

As for the story. Satyabhama (Kajal Aggarwal) is an ACP in She Teams. They catch those who make girls cry and create problems for girls. One day, a girl named Haseena (Neha Pathan) comes to him and complains that even after breaking up with her boyfriend Manu (Anirudh Pavithran), she is being harassed and physically tortured. Knowing this, Munu comes to Haseena’s house and attacks her. Haseena calls Satyabhama but when she arrives, he kills Haseena in front of Satyabhama’s eyes. In this sequence, Satyabhama goes in front of him and fires bullets but bullets are missfired . The above officers transfer Satyabhama from the SHE Teams to another branch to surrender the gun.

However, Haseena dies in front of his eyes and he is told to take care of his younger brother Iqbal (Prajwal). It is looking for that. One day, when Haseena’s younger brother Iqbal, who is a doctor, goes missing, Satyabhama takes over the case. Rishi (Ankit) is the son of an MP. What really happened? What is the connection between Rishi and Iqbal? Has Hasina been killed? How did Satya Bhama deal with these two cases? What does Satyabhama’s husband Amar (Naveen Chandra) do? You have to watch it on screen to know.

Analysis of the film. Kajal Aggarwal is gearing up for the release of her first film after marriage. Usually, in such crime thrillers, it is like how the hero finds the villain. However, despite the same point in this, the screenplay is a bit difficult to write and take the story away. In an attempt to find the missing Iqbal, the man who killed Haseena, the story is told through the lens of women trafficking, gaming, terrorism, medical… It comes from a variety of points. This seems to be somewhat necessary. However, all these points should be taken into account in order to make the screenplay interesting.

Also, the story goes back a long time. It is interesting to go back in the story to reveal the twists, but it is a little difficult to go back in the story to learn about the people. However, Satyabhama did not lead anywhere in the film. Especially, the heroine elevations given to Kajal Aggarwal and the action scenes done by her are sure to blow the whistles with the audience. However, in such villain-capturing thrillers, we imagine the climax with a lot of action. But it is interesting to conclude with emotional scenes in Satyabhama.

Performances of the actors Kajal, who has been acting for almost 20 years, first appeared in an action sequence. He is no less than a hero. And the emotional scenes too. Kajal has worked really hard for this film. Naveen Chandra plays Kajal’s husband in the film. YouTuber Neha Pathan plays the role of Haseena in the film. Prajwal, Ankit, Anirudh, Sampada. They did well in their roles. Harshavardhan, Ravi Varma and Prakash Raj. Police officers were also present there.

Technical issues. Cinematography visuals are good. There is nothing much to talk about the background music of Sricharan Pakala. He also said that his BGM is amazing for thriller films. The songs are just average. Fight master Robin Subbu has designed the action sequences with Kajal in Satyabhama. Satyabhama is a must watch for Kajal’s action scenes. Though the story is old, Shashikiran Tikka has written the screenplay as a new thriller. Director Suman Chikkala has become successful as a director for the first time. The new producers have ensured that there is no drop in production values as the film is a star heroine. Editor Kodati Pawan Kalyan is regularly praised for his work in this film and he has not only cut the film very well but also played a character in it.

On the whole, Sathyabhama has shown the thrilling story of what a lady police officer did to catch a man who killed a girl in front of her eyes. watch the film in the theatre for the kajal action scenes.