Yevam Movie Review


Movie Name :Yevam

Starring : Chandini Chowdary, Vasishta Simha, Jai Bharat Raj, Ashu Reddy, and others

Director: Prakash Dantuluri

Producers: Navdeep, Pavan Goparaju

Music Directors: Keertana Sesh, Neelesh Mandalapu

Cinematographer: S.V Vishweshwar

Editor: Srujana Adusumilli

Release Date : 14/6/2024; Rating :3/5

As for the story. Soumya (Chandini Chowdary) gets a police job in a police station in Vikarabad. Even if they make fun of the police for the girl child at home and outside, they become the police without caring. Abhi (Bharath Raj) is his boss. On the other hand, Yugandhar (Vasishta Simha) keeps on trapping and meeting girls by telling the names of heroes. Once there was a case of a girl being raped. Everyone is told to be careful as the police know that someone is trapping girls by giving the names of heroes.

When a girl gets such a trap, Soumya goes instead of the girl, but Yugandhar sees her and tells Soumya that the program has been canceled. Soumya and Abhi become closer after the accident. But he tells Abhi that he is married and his wife (Ashureddy) has left him. And did the police arrest Yugandhar? What is the relationship between Yugandhar and Abhi? Why did he leave his wife? How was the case handled? You have to see it on screen.

Analysis of the film. The first half is a bit slow. Soumya joining as a cop, scenes between Soumya and Abhi, and Yugandhar trapping the girls give a wonderful twist to the interval. The second half is interesting with the concept of how Yugandhar is captured. Police is supposed to be a powerful action, but Chandini will be seen in an action sequence at the end, playing a simple role of what a girl cop faces. However, the police do not know who the villain will be shown to the audience in the first half, so it is interesting to know how he will be caught. Climax is also new. The story of Telangana Oggu has been portrayed perfectly in the story. The story is visually and visually appealing to the audience.

Performances of the actors Chandini Chowdary has shown how an ordinary girl can become a police officer. Vasishta Simha as Yugandhar showed good villainy. Bharat Raj has also done a good job with his performance. Ashureddy is seen in a negative shade while entertaining with her beauty for a while. Goparaju Ramana and the rest of the cast have done their roles well.

Technical issues Cinematography looks good.Background music is good. It seems that the art department has also worked hard to make some sets special. The director tried his best to narrate the story in a new way. The cost of construction is also quite high.

On the whole, the film ‘Yevam’ showed how a girl cop deal with a difficult case