Radha Madhavam Review


Film;Radha Madhavam

Artists;Vinayak Desai and Aparna Devi

directed by Dasari Isaac.

produced by Gonal Venkatesh.

Releas of Date; 1/3/2024

Moviemanthra.com;Rating. 3/5

Films with a rural backdrop and love stories in them are a good feeling. Vintage village love stories are coming up a lot these days. The film was also titled Radha Madhavam. The film stars Vinayak Desai and Aparna Devi in the lead roles. The film is produced by Gonal Venkatesh. It was directed by Dasari Isaac. Vasanth Venkat Bala has penned the story, dialogues and songs for the film. The film was released on March 1. Let’s see how this film is.

Radha (Aparna Devi) sets up a care centre in the name of Madhava (Vinayak Desai) and takes care of alcoholics, orphans and the elderly. The company does what everyone wants. All their demands will be met. If you want to work hard… It will also provide employment. In the process, Veerabhadram (Meka Ramakrishna), who escaped from the prison, also comes in an inebriated condition. Veerabhadram finally realizes that he has reached his daughter. Why is he going to jail? Why is there such a distance between father and daughter? Why did Radha start a care centre in the name of Madhava? What is the true story of love? What were the obstacles to their love? What did they do in the end? It has to be seen in the theatre.

Vinayak Desai is good in the role of Madhava. He looks like an educated young man. He showed his innocence in his performance. He looks like a boy who achieves his love and goal. Dance and action are all part of it. Aparna Devi has done 100% justice to her role. It captivates the audience. Ramakrishna’s character is the highlight of the film. I have seen one so far. This is one of them. Ramkrishna, the village elder, sarpanch, and Veera Bhadran acted wonderfully. The rest of the characters are also quite impressive.

Many films have been made on the subject of honour killings and caste barriers to love. But if you add a period backdrop to such a point and such love stories, it will feel a little fresh. The same is the case with the film Radha Madhavam. Seems like a lot of pictures at this point. Radha is nowhere to be found. Director Issaq was successful in doing so without getting bored.

The first half begins with a children’s episode, Madhava Care Center, and funny scenes there. And then the flashback begins. The director takes the audience into the heart of the love story. He used to write scenes indirectly on the atmosphere of the village, caste discrimination. The love story takes a twist in the interval. The entire first half is entertaining.

The entire second half is emotional. If love is on one side… Big people are on the other side. The pre-climax and climax are more emotional. The twist that reveals the real hero’s goal is good. The dialogues and the scenes are well written. The words make everyone think. The songs are good to listen and watch on the screen. The visuals look very natural. Even if it’s a new build, it doesn’t cost anything. The build quality seems very high.