Papa movie trailer launch by the director Trinadha Rao Nakkina


Kavin, Aparna Das, Monika Chinnakotla, Aishwarya, Bhagyaraj and VTV Ganesh in lead roles, Da..da.. Movie Blockbuster in Tamil, presented by S Ambeth Kumar, directed by Ganesha K Babu, now presented by Neeraja under Pan India Movies, JK Entertainments by M.S. Reddy as producer in telugu now releasing as Pa..Pa.. The trailer launch event of this movie was held grandly today by the hands of the blockbuster director Trinadharao Nakkina.

Director Trinadha Rao Nakkinagaru, the chief guest on this occasion, said : Normally, if they show the trailer of the movie, we come and talk and leave. This movie which became a blockbuster in Tamil, Da..da.. is being brought to us as in Telugu. This da..da.. movie is produced in Tamil first and dubbed now in telugu by producer M.S. Reddy showed this movie to me. The writer and director of this movie Ganesh K Babu has written every scene very well. He took exactly what was written. I like his writing style very much. It is not only a father’s story but also a friend’s story a mother’s story a lover’s story. Hero Kavin’s characterization in both shades is very good. From hair style to body language, everything has been done with great care. I am saying this confidently because I have seen this movie. This is my favorite movie in recent times. The music in this movie is good, the photography is good and it suits the present generation. He said that he wants the audience to see this movie in the theatres and make it a big success.

Producer MS Reddy said : Special thanks to block buster director Trinadha Rao Nakkina, who has directed films like Dhamaka and Nenu Local, who accepted our invitation and came to this trailer launch event even though he was very busy. In the past, we have come to you with a movie called Sahasham Cheyara Dimbhaka. Now we are coming to you with this movie. Very soon we will bring you the first look of the movie Athreyapuram Animuthyam with Happy Ugadi cards. I am going to introduce a new director named Manikantha with this movie. I saw this da..da.. movie in the theater after 50 days and by then it was playing with 70 percent fulls. Immediately after watching this movie, I liked it and called my friends Srikanth and Shashank in the US and told them that I had seen a good movie. When I said this, they also reacted and said we bring this movie in Telugu. We are bringing this movie to you very soon. He wishes that the support of audience to this film to be there and make it a success.

Kavin, Aparna Das, Monika Chinnakotla, Aishwarya, Bhagyaraj and VTV Ganesh

Production : Pan India Movies, JK Entertainments
Producer : MS Reddy
Co-Producers : Srikanth Nunepally, Shashank Chennuru
D.O.P. : K Ezhil Arusu
Music : Jen Martin
Writer and Director : Ganesh K Babu
Digital Media : Media Dukanam
P R O : Madhu VR