Our gift to your families this summer is Family Star – Hero Vijay Devarakonda at the pre-release event


Star hero Vijay Devarakonda, successful producer Dil Raju, and talented director Parasuram Petla held the pre-release function of the movie “Family Star” in a grand manner. A large number of students and Vijay fans attended the pre-release ceremony held at Narasimha Reddy Engineering College, Dulapally, Maisammaguda. The movie team expressed their belief that “Family Star,” which is set for a worldwide theatrical release on April 5, will be a great success.

Singer Mangli said, “Thanks to Gopi Sundar for giving me the opportunity to sing a beautiful song like ‘Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa’ in the movie ‘Family Star.’ Vijay Devarakonda became a youth star with ‘Arjun Reddy.’ Do you want to become a family star with ‘Family Star’? With ‘Geetha Govindam,’ he got a collection of one hundred crores. ‘Family Star,’ coming in the same combo, will become a blockbuster that collects 300 crores.”

Director Parasuram Petla said, “The movie ‘Family Star’ will be loved by everyone in your family. Both kids and adults will enjoy this movie. You will connect to the emotions in this story. Vijay and I have done the film ‘Geetha Govindam.’ If we were to do a movie together again, I thought it should be a memorable movie. I tried to make such a film. Vijay’s excitement upon hearing this story, in which he prepared for the character of Govardhan, will be seen on screen tomorrow. A collection of Vijay’s performances so far, this movie can be considered another height. Mrunal played this character brilliantly and learned Telugu dialogues. Here, Govardhan’s characters feel very natural to you. Govardhan means you and I are one of us. I worked in the direction department of the SVC company for the movie ‘Parugu.’ That’s when I wanted to make a movie under the banner of Raju Garu. Every word I wrote for this film came from my heart. I worked for this film with blood and soul. Not just me, the whole team worked hard. Cinematographer KU Mohanan, music director Gopi Sundar, creative producer Vasu Varma…we all made a good film as a team. See you soon at the success meet.”

Producer Dil Raju said, “The movie ‘Family Star’ is made by combining all the emotions of our families. Everyone in your family will love this movie. It entertains everyone as a family. Vijay’s character will be highlighted in this movie. Parasuram designed Vijay’s character beautifully. He laughs, fights, gets angry, and loves with the heroine. After watching ‘Family Star,’ girls will like Vijay’s character very much. I am called a lucky hand, but Mrunal is the lucky heroine. She is going to get a hat-trick with ‘Family Star’ after ‘Sita Ramam’ ‘Hi Nanna.’ Enjoy ‘Family Star’ this summer. Not only will you pass the exams and go to the next class, but you will also become family stars after watching this movie. Gopi Sundar gave good music in ‘Family Star.’ ‘Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa became a popular chartbuster. Family Star’ is going to release worldwide on April 5. It entertains the Telugu audience and achieves great success. I would like to thank my team, who are still working hard for this film, as there are 48 hours left for its release.”.

Heroine Mrunal Thakur said, “Today is a very special day. I’m feeling very happy. You all have accepted me as a Telugu girl. After ‘Sita Ramam’ and ‘Hi Nanna,’ now showing your support with ‘Family Star’ is incredible. Thanks to director Parasuram for giving me such a great opportunity. Acting in this character was difficult for the first 15 days. After that, I felt happy, realizing no one could do this character better than me. Everyone loves Vijay. I really enjoyed acting with Rohini Bamma. Saanvi, Karthik, Likhit…we had fun shooting with these kids. Gopi Sundar gave beautiful music. Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa song, and enjoyed it. Dedicating the movie ‘Family Star’ to my family star – my father, who is happy to be here today. Do you all want to go to the ‘Family Star’ movie with your families on April 5th? You should.”

Hero Vijay Devarakonda said, “To all the Telugu audience, to my fans, to everyone who came here, thank you, love you. Six years ago, I did the biggest blockbuster of my career, ‘Geetha Govindam,’ with this director. Those days were different. They talked about me as a newcomer in the industry and giving consecutive super hits. When I was asked what the biggest gossip I wanted to hear about myself during my first film ‘Peli Choopulu’ time, I said that you should watch the news that my film has collected 100 crore rupees. That was my biggest dream then. That dream came true in my fourth film. ‘Geetha Govindam’ collected Rs.100 crores. I didn’t get such a movie after that. The boy who said that he should receive a film with a collection of one hundred crores of rupees, said that his next film will collect two hundred crores of rupees. But he could not get it. Many people asked me why I gave such a statement. There are elders who lovingly told me that if a hero of your age speaks like that, they will think it is arrogance. It is not wrong to say that I will make a film with a collection of two hundred crore rupees. It is wrong not to say so. But no matter who thinks how much… I will make a film with a collection of two hundred crores of rupees. It’s all right if you think it’s arrogance and pride. But this is my belief and faith in myself. I have the same confidence when I wake up in the morning, when I go shooting, when I speak on this stage. If there is another star can do it, then why can’t me, another two hundred crore rupees collections. Every film that I have done, from ‘Pelli Choopulu’ to ‘Family Star,’ has taught me something new. This is a journey. Many difficulties, obstacles, and insults are faced. We have to overcome all of them and achieve what we want. We only need to see our goal. I think so. I work with the same belief. Many of you, actors, businessmen, directors, content creators…want to achieve something like this. Try to fulfill that dream. I said it in the pre-release of my first film. Get up, be happy. ‘Family Star’ was an important stop on my journey. My father came to mind when Parasuram told me this story. My father struggled without knowing our difficulties. He is our family star. My uncle who went to the UK and supported all of us, my elder brother who helped and my younger brother to the US, my elder mother. Every family has a star. That star is family star. Do you think it is a blessing to get a film like ‘Family Star’ and to bring that film to you through me? The director said that my performance in this film is next level. But I have to give full credit to Parasuram for my performance. Dil Raju is the head of the ‘Family Star’ family. He is working tirelessly with us in post-production works, release works, and promotion for this film. Also, the heart and soul of this movie is Parasuram. Without him, this movie would not exist. No matter how many awards this movie got, all the credit goes to Parasuram. A small gift from our team for this summer is ‘Family Star.’ Watch and enjoy with your families.”

Actors: Vijay Devarakonda, Mrinal Thakur and others

Technical team
Cinematography : KU Mohanan
Music : Gopisunder
Art Director : AS Prakash
Editor : Marthand K Venkatesh
PRO : GSK Media
Creative Producer : Vasu Varma
Producers : Raju – Sirish
Written and directed by Parasuram Petla