Chandra Babu initiates Damage Control


Senior government official, Vangaveeti Radha and previous MP Harshavardhan joined Telugu Desam Party only in front of the political race, trusting the gathering would hold power. Be that as it may, TDP had a lamentable political race and endured a tremendous thrashing. From that point onward, Vangaveeti Radha and Harshavardhan host been avoiding the get-together. In any case, Chandrababu appears to have persuaded both Radha and Harshavardhan to remain with the gathering, at any rate for the present. Radha has turned proactive in TDP now and he is straightforwardly reprimanding YSRCP.

Likewise, Harshavardhan explained that he would assume a key job in TDP from now onwards. Radha, who hails from Kapu people group is one of the key heads in TDP. Then again, Harshavardhan is a prepared campaigner and his verbal ability will be of extraordinary assistance to TDP. Chandrababu is in no state of mind to lose them.