Mr. KK Review

KK (Vikram) is a criminal and is escaping from corrupted cops as well as a gangster. He meets with a road accident. Vasu (Abi) saves him. Knowing this, the kidnappers kidnaps Vasu's wife (Akshara Haasan)


Film: Mr. KK
Directed by: Rajesh Selva
Produced by: Kamal Haasan, R. Ravindran
Written by: Rajesh Selva
Starring: Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan, Lena
Music by: Ghibran
Cinematography: Srinivas R. Gutha
Edited by: Praveen K. L.
Production Company: Raaj Kamal Films International
Distributed by: Trident Arts
Release date: 19 July 2019
Running time: 121 Minutes
Country: India
Language: Telugu

KK (Vikram) is a criminal and is escaping from corrupted cops as well as a gangster. He meets with a road accident. Vasu (Abi) saves him. Knowing this, the kidnappers kidnaps Vasu’s wife (Akshara Haasan) in return of KK. What did KK and Vasu do then? How did KK face his enemies? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Vikram is the show-stealer in the motion picture. For him, the job he played in the film is a cake-walk. In spite of the fact that he has assumed jobs like this previously, despite everything he attempted to make it look classy and changed. He has a ground-breaking screen nearness that would capture the crowds. Every little thing about him in the motion picture is simply immaculate. Abi Haasan is a decent entertainer who acted out well in the film. He has put forth a strong effort and bolstered Vikram’s character. Akshara Haasan is a capable delight who looked shocking in the film. She worked superbly and played out an activity succession as well! The remainder of the cast made their quality felt.

Technical Aspects:
The visuals are looking stupendous in the motion picture. The cinematography by Srinivas R is great. The editing is perfect and better than average. The film looks suggestive and credit to the supervisor for thinking of such an intriguing cut. The music by Ghibran is exceptional and his experience score lifts the motion picture consummately, particularly in the activity successions. The fine art is phenomenal as is the creative structure. The fights are stunning. The generation esteems are extravagant. The specialized group conveyed an extraordinary yield.

Plus Points:
Pace of Film
BGM and Music

Minus Points:
Predictable Execution

The best piece of the film is the pace. The film goes at a fast pace and causes the spectators to take part in the plot. The chief Rajesh Selva merits tremendous gratefulness for making the film so well as far as the pace and portrayal. In spite of the fact that the chief sets aside some effort to set up all the key characters, he didn’t pass up keeping up a legitimate pace that is the significant prerequisite for a spine chiller motion picture. Chiyan Vikram’s swag sets out everything and he is a joy to watch. The film’s exhibitions are uncommon. Everybody has put forth a valiant effort and the film’s specialized benchmarks are keeping pace with Hollywood. All in all, the motion picture engages for sure. The direction is good and it has a great story. The film is a must watch.

Punch Line: Mr KK Offers A Racy Thriller