Krishnarao Supermarket review



 Film: Krishnarao Supermarket 3/5

Release date : 18/10/209

Senior on-screen character Gautham Raju’s child, Krishna had made a presentation film which was entitled as Krishna Rao Supermarket. It had made a better than average buzz upon trailer and mystery. At long last it had discharged today. We should see whether it had succeded or not.

Motion picture opens with the introduction or Arjun who is a kick-boxing learner falls for a young lady Sanjana (Elsa Ghosh). Later love blooms among them and when everything is by all accounts going fine, contort in story arrises when Sanjana gets killed. Who is this executioner? For what reason did he murder Sanjana? In what manner will Arjun follow the executioner and render his retribution? What occurred toward the end? On the off chance that you needed to know the purposes for it watch the film on bigscreen as it were.

However its a presentation film, and the peformance by fundamental leads will dazzle everybody for sure, without any doubt. The melodies are potrayed in a situational way and sea shore tune will be beautiful sight to youth. Also, at the same time, every other on-screen character have put forth a strong effort in coming up with better performance to woo the audiences.

The production esteems are great in the movie. The movie’s story and grasping screenplay made it a value watch without any doubt. Also, the film is technically very strong. The film has a great camera work. The cinematography and editing of the movie was great. There are a lot of plus points in the movie. But at the same time, on the flip side, a smidgen haul in both the parts of considered to be a minus point of the movie. The comedy track of the movie may not exercise well with the audiences.

In general, Krishna Rao Supermarket is an unmitigated connecting with film which will intrigue group of spectators. The chemistry between the lead pair is great. Melodies are pleasant. The cinematography and editing work was very common. The Grasping screenplay and diverse idea will engage group of spectators. The movie is, By and large debutant entertainer made this film a value watch with his performace .

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Few Boring Scenes

Punch Line: Krishna Rao Supermarket is an engaging entertainer