Impressive Trailer Of Santosh Soban Starrer ‘Prem Kumar’ Promises A Fun Rider


Hero Santosh Soban who earned recognition for his knack of choosing different films in Tollywood right from the beginning of his career is now coming as ‘Prem Kumar’ to entertain the audience. His latest film is ‘Prem Kumar’. Actor, Writer Abhishek Maharshi is making his directorial debut with this film. Shiva Prasad Panneeru is bank-rolling this film under Sharanga Entertainments Pvt Ltd. Rashi Singh, Ruchitha Sadineni playing as female leads. Krishna Chaitanya, Krishna Teja, Sudarshan, Ashok Kumar, Sri Vidya are doing other key roles. Makers released the trailer of ‘Prem Kumar’ on Tuesday.

It is quite interesting to see the trailer released with the Tag, ‘Prem Kumar Vyadha’. The hero’s characterisation is designed in a quite intriguing manner. Hero wants to get married as he has come to the age of marriage. But, due to some reason his marriages are being stalled. This resulted in everyone making a mockery of Hero. Finally, frustrated Hero decided not to get married and opens a detective agency. Then how did he meet the heroine, Did hero gets married at the end? To know more about these one should watch the film says the makers.

Twists in the tale raises curiosity. Makers succeeded in grabbing the attention of the audience by releasing the teaser in an innovative manner. Now they raised curiosity by blending more entertainment in the trailer. S. Anant Srikar provided the music for this film. Garry BH is the editor. Rampy Nandigam is cranking the camera.