I wish Blockbuster Success for Sundaram Master: Star Boy Siddu Jonnalagadda at Pre release event


The film ‘Sundaram Master’ is produced by Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and Sudheer Kumar Kurru under the banners of RT Team Works and Golden Den Media. Harsha Chemudu and Divya Sripada played the lead roles in this film. Directed by Kalyan Santhosh, this film is set to release on February 23. A pre-release event was held on Monday, with star boy Siddu Jonnalagadda as the chief guest. Siddu Jonnalagadda launched the Big Ticket at this event.

Siddu Jonnalagadda said, “I saw the trailer of ‘Sundaram Master.’ It’s very good. I don’t like to label Harsha merely as a comedian. He is a comic actor, possessing a unique comedic timing. This debut effort by director Kalyan Santhosh should yield positive results. Thanks to Ravi Teja for producing this movie. Despite his busy schedule, he is producing films to support new talent. Harsha has been proving himself as an actor time and again with works like ‘Color Photo,’ ‘Month of Madhu,’ and ‘Baby.’ I also know Harsha personally. He always has a smile off-screen too. Harsha has never seemed as serious as he appears in the trailer. All the best to heroine Divya Sripada. I wish the film great success,” he said.

Harsha Chemudu said, “We will never forget the support given by Padma Vibhushan Megastar Chiranjeevi. Naga Chaitanya launched the song, and Sai Dharam Tej launched the teaser. Figures like Chiranjeevi, Ravi Teja, and Siddu Jonnalagadda, who rose through self-effort, have supported us. I was among that audience ten years ago. Now, I am on this stage. We can achieve anything if we believe in it strongly. Please watch our film in the theater on February 23 and support it,” he said.

Sudheer Kumar said, “All those who worked on the ‘Sundaram Master’ team have been meeting for fourteen years. We all made this film together. We started Golden Den during the lockdown. We are all here because of Harsha. They believed in us and greenlit the film. Ravi Teja stepped forward, believing in our story. Then, we believed in ourselves. We hope everyone will like this movie. Thanks to Siddu Jonnalagadda for coming and supporting our event.”

Director Kalyan Santosh said, “Everyone liked the posters, teasers, and trailers of our movie. It was well-received because of the innocence portrayed in the film. I want to thank everyone who worked on our film. Our editor created many versions for this film. Our art director has done amazing work on the sets, which were set up very naturally. We dedicated over a year and a half to pre-production work. Being friends, we worked well together. Our DOP provided amazing visuals. Shri Charan is the senior-most among us all and was very supportive. We will never forget the support Ravi Teja gave us. I have known Sudhir for 8 years. Even though he was trying to become a director, he supported my story without regarding me as a junior. Harsha strongly believed in all of us and supported us. Chiranjeevi, Naga Chaitanya, and Siddu supported our film because of Harsha. After watching the movie ‘Color Photo,’ I saw a meme about Harsha, which said a gold pot is being used for retail – we put only gold. Divya’s character will impress everyone. She acted amazingly. Nature does not appear the same to everyone. If the rain provides rice to the farmer, it also ensures that people who do business on the roadside have food. Thus, we have presented this movie from many angles. I don’t know how big of a hit it will be, but it will bring respect to all of us and satisfaction to everyone who watches the film.”

Producer SKN said, “I have known Harsha since long time. The trailer gives off a unique vibe. The film is set to release on February 23. Wherever Siddu is, there is a buzz. Harsha has to prove that he can play all types of roles with this film. All the best to everyone who worked on the film.”

Sai Rajesh said, “Harsha is an amazing actor. I want him to rise to great heights as a hero. I love Sricharan’s classical music. All the best to the director and producers.”

Sandeep Raj said, “After the short film ‘Viva Harsha’ came out in 2013, my confidence increased. It made me understand that people will watch content regardless of the color. Harsha was our inspiration when we started ‘Color Photo’ with Suhas in 2015. Now, I want Harsha to break many barriers with ‘Sundaram Master’ as the hero. Divya has also become a heroine from friend characters. I have loved Sri Charan’s classical music from the first moment. This film deserves to be a huge success.”

Sri Charan Pakala said, “It has been a pleasure to work on the movie ‘Sundaram Master.’ Until now, everyone thought I would only work in thriller films. But this was a new experience for me, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Harsha and my careers started almost at the same time. Watch our movie on February 23. It will feel as if you have witnessed a life.”

Ravikanth Perepu said, “If you spend time with Harsha, you have to smile. That’s why everyone wants to be around him. He believes that this film should bring Harsha even greater acclaim.”

Roshan Kanakala stated, “Starting from YouTube and becoming a hero is an inspiration to many. Harsha is an amazing actor. The audience should watch this movie in theaters, and it deserves to be a big hit.”

Editor Karthik remarked, “The ‘Sundaram Master’ poster, teaser, and trailer all generated positive energy. I’m thankful to the director and producers for giving me this opportunity. This film should achieve great success.”

Saran Koppishetty said, “It feels like ‘God’s Must Be Crazy’ is going to be seen in Telugu. Harsha has acted brilliantly. Everyone should watch this movie.”

Prashanth Kumar Nimmala shared, “I was a junior in college when Harsha entered the short film scene with my camera. His growth from there to here is astounding. Director Kalyan Santhosh’s timing is impeccable. They took the backdrop of Uttarandhra and filmed with the local people. Producer Sudhir has achieved what he set out to do. I believe this movie will be a big success.”

Shanmukh Jaswanth expressed, “Seeing Viva Harsha becoming a hero makes me very happy. All the best to Harsha.”

Vijay Binni mentioned, “I choreographed a song in this movie. I’ve known Harsha for a long time. I’m familiar with the concept and story of this movie, which is very good. All the best to the team.”

Director Aditya commented, “It’s very heartening to see Harsha transitioning from short films on YouTube to a hero on the silver screen. Everyone appeared natural in the trailer. All the best to the film team.”

Hari Goura stated, “It’s evident that the ‘Sundaram Master’ team has put in 100 percent effort. Sudheer shared a story with me two years ago. Back then, he was considered for the role of director, but now he is being introduced as a producer. This film deserves to be a massive success.”