Evaritho Payanam’ song released from Kannada blockbuster Love Mocktail 2 movie


Kannada Block Buster Producer, Write,r Director, Hero Darling Krishna starrer Love Mocktail 2 released the song ‘Evaritho Payanam’. Nakul Abhayankar has given good music as the music director of this movie. Guru Charan has given the lyrics for this song, which is called “Evaritho Payanam”, while Yogi Suresh has sung it wonderfully. Darling Krishna has previously received blockbusters with films like Jackie, Madharangi, Rudratandava and Charlie Love Mocktail. Milina Nagaraj, Amrita Iyengar, Rachal David and Nakul Abhayankar are playing important roles in this movie. Similarly, Love Mocktail and Love Mocktail 2, in which he acted as a producer and director, became blockbuster hits in Kannada. Now this movie is being brought to us in Telugu under the Kanchi Kamakshi Kolkata Kali Creations banner with MVR Krishna acting as the producer.

On this occasion, producer MVR Krishna said: We are going to bring this movie, which is a blockbuster hit in Kannada, to the Telugu audience during the summer holidays. Darling Krishna acted in good movies as a blockbuster hero in Kannada. Today we have released the song related to this movie in which he is directing. We will come to you grandly with the teaser, trailer, release date promotion activities of this movie. Telugu audience is always ahead in supporting good movies. This movie is also a good movie with content. In the story, Shivaraj Kumar’s Vedha movie was a hit with the Telugu audience and supported a lot. Now we are coming to you again with the movie Love Mocktail 2. I wholeheartedly wish to support this film and make it a success.

Darling Krishna, Milina Nagaraj, Amrita Iyengar, Rachal David, Nakul Abhayankar

Technical Team:
Production : Kanchi Kamakshi Kolkata Kali Creations
Producer: MVR Krishna
Music : Nakul Abhayankar
DOP and Editor : Mr. Crazy Minds
Story and Direction : Darling Krishna
P R O : Madhu VR