Kaliyugam Pattanamlo’ Should Achieve Big Success: Hero Suman at the pre-release event*


‘Kaliyugam Pattanamlo’ is the forthcoming venture produced by Nani Movie Works and Raamaa Creations with Vishva Karthikeya and Aayushi Patel playing the lead roles. Ramakhanth Reddy has written the story, dialogues, screenplay and also directed this movie with a new concept. Produced by Dr. Kandula Chandra Obul Reddy, G. Maheswara Reddy, and Kattam Ramesh, this movie will be released on March 29th. Meanwhile, the team organized a grand pre-release event on Tuesday. Hero Suman and producer AM Ratnam were the chief guests for this event.

*While speaking at the event, Producer Dr. Kandula Chandra Obul Reddy said,* “I’m running engineering colleges as an educationist. I founded Nani Movie Works with the intention of providing a platform for the passion in talented people. I wanted to show the town where I grew up. I really liked the story told by Ramakhanth Reddy. But the director said that the budget will be high. However, we have come forward to produce the movie. Even those who don’t like movies were surprised when they saw our teaser and trailer. After this movie many producers will give chance to Ramakhanth and such newcomers. Vishva Karthikeya always thinks about cinema. This is Ayushi Patel’s first movie. I said that she would fit the role well, when I saw her. All the best to the entire team. Everyone should watch our film in the theatre on March 29th.”

*Maheshwar Reddy said,* “Obul Reddy is the reason why our film was completed and ready for release so quickly. Director Ramakhanth is my family friend. Everything has worked well for this movie. Ajay’s music, RR is very good. Chandra Bose’s lyrics are amazing. All the characters came out well. Our movie is coming on March 29th. Everyone should support it.”

*Katam Ramesh said,* “When Ramakhanth narrated the story, I did not think that I would produce the film. The movie was so good because of Nani’s cooperation. Vishva Karthikeya and Ayushi Patel acted well. Ajay gave a good score. Our movie is coming on March 29th. Everyone should watch it in the theatre.”

*Producer AM Ratnam said,* “Kaliyugam Pattanamlo is a joint production venture. The title is very new. The song ‘Kaliyugam Kalushitam’ written by Chandra Bose is thought-provoking. I thought it would have been better if the movie was named after that song. If the content is new, the audience will watch it anyway. All the best to the film’s unit.”

*Suman said,* “I have a strong relationship with Vishva Karthikeya’s father Ramanujam for many years. I have been watching Vishva since childhood. He was raised very well. He respects elders. Vishva Karthikeya should get a lot of fame with this movie. He’s trained extensively in acting. It is a great thing that producer Obul Reddy made this film in his hometown. Ramakhanth has taken the responsibility of story, dialogue, screenplay writing and also direction. It is not a simple thing to handle all these crafts. All the dialogues and songs are impactful. It is great that someone like Chandra Bose has written songs for this film. The teaser and trailer got a good response. The film is going to be released on March 29th. Everyone should watch the movie and encourage the team.”

*Director Ramakhanth Reddy said,* “Ajay has given good music. It was a pleasure to direct seniors like Devi Prasad. Naren Rama acted well. Producer Mahesh is my family friend. Another producer Ramesh is very calculated. Obul Reddy is like a brother to me. It was a pleasure to work with Oscar-winner Chandra Bose. Ayushi Patel performed very well. Vishva Karthikeya acted brilliantly. Our film is coming on March 29th. Everyone should watch it in the theatre.”

*Vishva Karthikeya said,* “Thanks to Suman, AM Ratnam, and Raja who came to our event as chief guests. Kaliyugam Pattanamlo is a unique thriller with mother sentiment and thrilling elements. Each character has different shades and emotions. The film has come out well because of the cooperation of our producers. Ramakhanth narrated this story to me for three hours. The story was narrated wonderfully. Thanks to the director and producers who believed in me and made the film with such a huge budget. Ajay’s music and Charan’s camera work are amazing. Chandra Bose’s lyrics is a big asset for our film. Ayushi Patel acted well. We had a lot of fun shooting. Our movie is coming on March 29th. Everyone should watch and support it.”

*Ayushi Patel said,* “I feel happy to be part of the movie Kaliyugam Pattanamlo. I got a very special role in this movie. It is nice to get such a good role so early in my career. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such a good character. Vishva was very supportive. Our film is coming on March 29th. Everyone should support it.”

*Music Director Ajay Arasada said,* “Chandra Bose penned lyrics and his work is a big asset. We were shocked by his lyrics. The songs have come out well. We took special care on RR. Thanks to our director and producers for giving me the opportunity. The film is going to be released on March 29th. Everyone should watch it in the theatre and support it.”

*Writer and director Raja said,* “Naren Rama called to invite me to the event of Kaliyugam Pattanamlo. I’m not coming out for public events of late. It is a pleasure to come out for this movie. I want the director-producers to get a big hit and good profits.”

*Aditya Music Madhav said,* “Songs are very pleasing in Kaliyugam Pattanamlo. RR is also amazing. Producers are very confident even though they are newcomers. All the best to the film team. The film is going to be released on March 29th. Everyone should support it.”

*Director Neelakanta said,* “I have been listening to many things about the movie since the beginning. Nani has produced this film grandly. All the best to hero Vishva Karthikeya, heroine Ayushi Patel and the film team.”