Chandra Babu Unhappy with Ruling Party Decisions


Previous CM and TDP Chief Chandra Babu inhaled fire against the YCP government. He conveyed a solid admonition to Jagan’s framework to quit affecting individuals to betray each other for the sake of standing and locale.

Talking at a gathering meeting in Guntur, he stated, “The YCP Chief is settling on ethically wrong choices. He got YCP MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy out on bail inside two hours of capture. The entire state knows how the MLA compromised a columnist and made trouble with a woman official, yet he is out on bail. What is the message that Jagan is attempting to provide for the individuals?”

The TDP Chief proceeded to pummel the YCP pioneers for abusing power. He likewise conveyed a solid message that TDP won’t bow down to the administration’s corrupt conduct and will ensure individuals see the genuine essence of the CM and his framework.