Audience made Baby a huge success because of team’s honest attempt to tell a good story: Vijay Devarakonda at cult blockbuster celebrations


The cult blockbuster celebrations of Tollywood’s latest box office sensation Baby were held in Hyderabad. Our beloved Rowdy The Vijay Devarakonda, Allu Aravind, Nagababu, Mythri Movie Makers Y Ravi Shankar attended the event as chief guests and praised the performance of Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Viraj Ashwin, SKN’s taste as producer and Sai Rajesh’s direction. In this event,

Producer Y Ravi Shankar said – We are making a successful film with Vijay, SKN made a blockbuster movie with Anand. This time we will make hit film with Anand and SKN, you should make a successful film with Vijay. If Allu Aravind is there, he will take care of the budget. This movie Baby was made within budget and got Hulk hit. Congratulations to the whole team.

Nagababu said – Sai Rajesh’s previous films Hrudaya kaaleyam, Kobbarimatta are my favorite films. I enjoyed watching the movie Kobbarimatta many times. I did not expect that this movie will be directed so well. Sai Rajesh supported the Janasena party a lot. Anand grown as an actor. Vaishnavi, Viraj and Anand acted well. The happiness of a real success is visible in all of you. Sai Rajesh should do serious movies like this and don’t leave comedy movies. They have fans like me.

Allu Aravind said – My sister-in-law uncle saw this movie and asked why your name is not in the titles. SKN brought the story and he had no money. I told him that I will produce it and that’s how Baby became Geetha Arts film. Seeing Sai Rajesh, I didn’t think that he would make such a well thought and emotional movie. Anand, Viraj and Vaishnavi acted well. At the end, near the bridge scene, Anand’s performance was left me in tears.

Viraj Ashwin said – my director Sai Rajesh designed all the characters in this movie wonderfully. Today the audience are talking about every character. You all know how important this kind of success is to us as actors. After watching the movie, director Maruthi said that you should be brave, the film is going to be blockbuster. Today his word came true. Thanks to Vijay Anna who came to support our film.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya said – I am a fan of Vijay’s acting. My parents have been supporting me since childhood. I am on this stage today because of them. Lot of people said that Telugu girls do not get opportunities. But if you try, you will get it just like I got a chance for the movie Baby. If you see the success of this movie, it seems that I have worked hard for this since all these years. The real heroes of our film are our technicians.

Anand Devarakonda said – When I wanted to enter films, I thought it would be enough if I didn’t bring a bad name to my brother Vijay Deverakonda. I think all my friends and family are proud today. Vijay believes in me and we are like friends. Talking about this movie, Viraj and Vishnavi gave thier life. Whenever Viraj on screen, audience shouted Kamal Haasan. Whenever Vaishnavi is on screen audience calling her Mahanati. Vaishnavi is lucky to get such a performance oriented character in her first movie. If the movie Baby hasn’t been succeeded then I wanted to stop films. At a time when I was worried whether I would be able to do films or not, Maruthi garu gave me a lot of courage. The dialogues written by our director Sai Rajesh garu are hard hitting.

Director Sai Rajesh said – Vijay Garu was the first contact for me to tell the story to Anand. Apart from Anand, I have not imagined any other hero for my film. He knows how hard he worked for this film. He made a hundred percent attempt to get into that character mood, to act as I said. This film is an opportunity given to me by Anand. Vaishnavi was doing a good job as a youtuber and a influencer and she gave up everything and made this film due to financial difficulties. Viraj acted in this film without any ego. I didn’t think about who would call it. He believed that he was making a good film. These three made me a director of a good film. I am lucky to have SKN as my friend. He trusted me and gambled so many crores of rupees. Director Maruthi believed in the film more than all of us. I promise that I will do such good films in the future.

Producer Bunny Vass said – It is rare for two heroes from same family to succeed. I am happy that both Vijay and Anand are succeeding as heroes. We did Geetha Govindam with Vijay. Baby with Anand came under our friends banner. We want movies to come in our combination from now on. I, Maruti and SKN started our career at the same time. Both of us were successful. We still thought of waiting for SKN. He got a good name with this movie. Both Maruti and Sai Rajesh are self-made directors. Congratulations to the entire team.

Director Maruti said – I designed the logo of the movie Baby. Then Sai Rajesh gave corrections. The title had so many corrections, he was so patient. He also took 50 days to 90 days for the shoot. Today the collections are also growing in the same range. SKN did Taxiwala then stopped for another good subject. We started production as Mass Movie Makers. SKN has shown how good he can produce a movie. Both of us will continue the production like this. It is known how much conviction director Sai Rajesh had and worked hard for the film. I remember my first movie Ee Rojullo. Anand conveys emotions well and those kind of actors will become famous. Baby Team gave a memorable movie.

Producer SKN said – Our movie has been running with house fulls from the last four days after its release. This happens only for five or six films in a year. The reason for this big success is our director Sai Rajesh. He got National award with color photo. Now he rewarded with a baby. Allu Arvind Garu and Bunny vass supported me when the budget of the movie Baby was exceeded. He believed that we were making a good film. Taxiwala was my first film as a producer. Vijay made me a producer with that film. I felt it was my responsibility doing a film with Anand. I always believed that Anand would make a good hero. Baby movie is called a cult movie. I am happy to get such a name. I will continue to make good films as a producer.

Vijay Devarakonda said – As soon as I sat in the theater for Baby, the song O Rendu Prema Meghaliila came and immediately I got the feeling that I was going to witness a good love story. Today people are debating about this movie. Talking about characters. It is not meant to say that one is bad and the other is good. There are people with all kinds of personalities in society. I had many good girl friends. Vaishnavi kind of character is just an example. Director Sai Rajesh has made an honest attempt. He can call me anytime. I will be ready to support. Allu Aravind, Vass Garu, Maruti, SKN Garu, etc. This team is coming with the support of one another. In all of us there is an effort to show good stories on screen. Anand is doing projects for himself. Today he is proud of his success. Also Viraj, Vaishnavi has a good name. Please keep showing your love on Baby.