Adivi Sesh graced the Suhas’ Ambajipeta Marriage Band grand pre release event


Promising young actor Suhas has been doing some crazy characters and he is now gearing up for the release of ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. The promotional campaign has been creating a stir on social media. The film is directed by Dushyanth Katikineni. The film is produced jointly by GA2 Pictures and director Venkatesh Maha’s Maha Creations, the film is coming also under the banner of Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainments. As the film nearing release, makers arranged grand pre release yesterday. Adivi Sesh graced the event as chief guest. On this occasion,

Actress Gayatri Bhargavi said, “Acting in the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ gave us a good experience. This is a refreshing movie. We enjoyed shooting in the rural environment. Thanks to director Dushyanth and producer Bunny Vas for giving me a chance in such a movie. It must be said that Suhas, Shivani, and Sharanya are very special in this movie. Watch ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ in theaters. You will definitely enjoy it.”

Editor Kodati Pawan Kalyan said, “All those who worked on this film have become like soul mates in these three years. Everyone performed so well in the movie that I didn’t even have the heart to remove a single scene in the editing. We are going to give a super hit movie to the audience on February 2. Definitely come to the theaters and enjoy.”

Lyricist Kalyan Chakravarthy said, “So far in Geetha Arts, I have written songs for ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo’, ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha’, and ‘Baby’. Now, I have given lyrics for the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. I want this movie to become a super hit like them. Director Dushyanth gave me an opportunity to write songs with lyrical value in this film. Kudos to Shekhar Chandra for giving good music. This movie will impress the audience by mirroring some of the happenings in society.”

Director Karuna Kumar said, “The Telugu film industry has seen great technicians. Our directors have directed great movies like ‘Pathala Bhairavi’ and ‘Shankarabharanam’. After some time, there was a scandal in Telugu cinema that it could not produce such great films. New talent is also emerging in other industries. New talent is taking the film industry forward in a content-oriented manner. I appreciate SKN, Sai Rajesh, Bunny Vasu, and Dheeraj for making such an effort in Telugu. They made a movie like ‘Baby’, which was content-oriented and got a super hit. I want this movie to become such a hit.”

Director Anil Vishwanath said, “The title of the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ is unique. I saw the trailer and found it unique. It has a heart-touching love story along with good emotions. Suhas is a good actor. I write Suhas’s name on the list of artists for every script I write. A good cast and crew have came together for this movie. I want this movie a big hit for producers.”

Actor Nithin said, “Thanks to Suhas, who gave positive energy to our entire team during the shooting of the film. The movie ‘Ambajipet Marriage Band’ will be remembered forever by all the team that worked there, and also by the audience watching in the theater.”

Actress Saranya Pradeep said, “I played a key role in the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. I would like to thank our director Dushyant Gari for believing that I could play such a strong character. During the shooting time, our entire team rioted like backbench students in college. The shooting was very happy. We had the perfect team for the movie. DVP, music, sets… everything is beautiful. If you watch our movie, you will know how hard we worked on it. We hope you will increase your love for us a thousand times by watching our movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ on 2nd February.”

Heroine Shivani Nagaram said, “Our director Dushyanth has written a beautiful story and designed even more beautiful characters in it. In this story, I have been given the character of Lakshmi, and I am being brought before you as an actor. Thanking him is not enough. Suhas is an actor without any ego. He is very supportive. He is my favorite co-star. We shot the entire film happily. Nithin, Saranya all other artists performed amazingly. All our cast and crew worked as a team. Watch our movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ on 2nd February. You will definitely like it.”.

Director Dushyanth Katikeni said, “Thanks to Sesh for coming to the pre-release event of our movie. It has been ten years since I entered the industry. In these ten years, I had to make some sacrifices to become a director. However, I am here in the industry. I hope to see results through the success of this movie. Thanks to Geetha Arts, Bunny Vasu, Venkatesh Maha, and Dheeraj for giving me the opportunity to work on this film. If not for Suhas, I don’t know how many years it would have taken me to reach this stage as a director. Thanks, Suhas. Also, my team worked very hard. My thanks to everyone. The ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu’ movie teaser and trailer that you liked so much, the movie will be even better than that.”

Producer Dheeraj Mogilineni said, “There are three reasons why I stand before you as a producer. The first is Allu Aravind. He is like a godfather to us. The second person is Allu Sirish. The third is Bunny Vas. Vas anna gave us guidance in every matter. He knows how production is done and offers suggestions. The way our director Dushyanth scripted ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ felt very natural. He narrated the script to us, including the dialogues. You will see Dushyant’s work in theaters tomorrow. Dushyant worked on this film for two years. I used to say that his life would change if only this movie were released. Suhas is another reason this movie is coming to you. He focused on this movie without doing any other movie for a year. Without Suhas, this movie would not exist. One must have guts to tackle such a subject. Heroine Shivani, Saranya, Nithin, DOP, Music Director, Editor, each worked on their own project and traveled with us. Sai Rajesh has been traveling with us for the last ten days, giving suggestions for the film. No matter how much I thank him, it is too little. He considered the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu’ as his own. SKN is like a family person to me. Thanks to Shesh, who came as a guest to our function. I am someone who loves him. I am happy that Sesh came and supported our event today.”

Director Sai Rajesh said, “Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ will be an unforgettable movie in the careers of Bunny Vas and Dheeraj. When I saw the rough cut of this movie, I realized how honestly the director Dushyant made the movie. Usually, three or four characters are good in a movie. But every character in this movie is good. Suha’s friends in the band group also impressed me. The first half of this movie is fun. Heroine Shivani’s acting was superb when the love part came in the second half. Shivani performed the love scenes as well as Dushyant wrote them. It brings her a good name. Watching Suhas acting, I was surprised. How did he manage so many modulations, so much emotion? His performance in this movie is nothing short of ‘Color Photo’. It should be said that this is a movie with Sharanya and Suhas as heroes. Sharanya’s performance impresses. The entire team of ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu’ gave their best. This team is going to give a super hit movie to the audience on February 2.”

Producer Bunny Vas said, “Thanks to hero Sesh Gari for coming to this event. Sesh has established himself as a hero by doing good films. I present him as a role model for young heroes. Allu Aravind is the reason many of us are on this stage. The gap of not making a realistic, genuine movie in our Geetha company has been filled with ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. Director Dushyant has made this movie very realistically. Ma Dheeraj… he must have a lot of guts to put up a banner with his own name. I want this movie to be a success for him. The heroines who have done their first movie in our company have earned a good reputation. Shiva should also get such recognition. Suhas is an actor with simplicity and genuineness. He has to play a key role in the movie ‘Ma Tandel’. You are acting like a hero, so I stopped coming here again. Looking at Suhas, it is like seeing ourselves twenty years down the line. He grew up step by step. While watching the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’, the audience will feel like they have gone to that place.”

Producer SKN said, “Aravind garu could not come to our function today. He is in another town. We are all on this stage because of Aravind garu. He not only made hits as a producer but also produced hit movies with all of us around him. They gave us money, invested in us, and made hit films. Recently, our Megastar Chiranjeevi received the Padma Vibhushan award. Thanks to Sesh garu for coming to the ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ movie event. He is a self-made star, a self-made hero. I am familiar with Sesh garu from the movie ‘Panja’. Our director Dushyanth made the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Bandu’ very realistically. When watching this movie, Suhas, Sharanya, and Shivani are not seen; only their characters are remembered. We are giving opportunities to Telugu girls in our banner. Shivani also gets a good name as a heroine. She is a heroine who can give a hundred percent performance. They write about Tier 1 and Tier 2 heroes. But Suhas is going to be a tyre for the industry. I can say that he will grow to a big level. Content is king these days for all to see. ‘Hanuman’ became a Pan India hit for Sankranti. This movie with strong content will also be a hit. ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ movie paid premieres on February 1st in the two Telugu states.”

Hero Suhas said, “Thanks to my brother Sesh, who always supports me. He came to the event even though his leg sprain isn’t fully healed. He says we have to support ourselves. My parents didn’t believe that I was acting as a hero in Geetha Arts. Bunny Vas gave me such an opportunity, and I thank him for it. I can say that in ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’, I have given the best performance of all the movies I’ve done so far. I was able to act like that because of every detail given by director Dushyant. I will surely talk about my co-stars at the success meet of this film. I promise that the ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ movie will be on your list of favorite movies. We are planning paid premieres on February 1. Watch and enjoy”

Hero Adivi Sesh said, “Everyone on this stage is a dreamer. They have a dream and have achieved it. That happiness is visible in them. I’ve known Suhas since he was doing videos on Chai Biscuit. I can tell he will go to great heights. Such a talented artist is rare. I can’t imagine what level Suhas will reach next. One day, he should come as a guest to my event. I like Suhas very much. I watched this movie’s trailer ten times. I liked it so much. Sharanya garu, Shivani, and Suhas acted in competition. No one seemed lesser. I want to do a film with Geetha Arts company. I hope that opportunity will come soon. Director Dushyanth, producer Dheeraj, Bunny Vas Garu, SKN. All the best to the entire team. On February 2nd, we all have to ring the band for the movie ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’.”