Happy Ending is Dum Masala Biryani kind of film, satisfies everyone with entertainment : Hero Yash Puri


Yash Puri, who made a mark with his performances in ZEE5’s web film Alanti Sitralu, the comedy Cheppalani Undhi and the recently released epic drama Shaakuntalam is gearing up for the release of another film Happy Ending. This light-hearted coming of age tale, directed by Kowshik Bheemidi has god good buzz with the interesting promotional content. Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala are bankrolling the film under Hamstech Films and Silly Monks Studios.

Yash Puri interacted with media today. The interview provides insights into the storyline, genre, and unique elements of “Happy Ending,” showcasing Yash Puri’s enthusiasm and confidence in the film’s success.

– “Happy Ending” explores the concept of curses from mythology, depicting how these curses would impact a modern-day young man. The film aims to showcase the entertaining efforts of the protagonist to face the curse. Despite the challenges faced by the character, the movie maintains a lighthearted and entertaining tone. Not a single minute of the film carries a message; it’s all about fun and entertainment. The characters portrayed by Jhansi and Ajay Ghosh will be presented in a new light. Additionally, the film features notable contributions from various departments such as editing, music, and cinematography. Yash Puri encourages the audience not to miss the last 15 minutes of the movie, promising an emotional and psychological drive.

– “Happy Ending” integrates a concept from three thousand years ago into a modern-day setting, offering a blend of old and new elements to resonate with contemporary audiences. Yash Puri emphasizes that the film includes youthful content related to the curse’s theme but doesn’t contain adult content, allowing for a UA (Universal Adult) certificate. The movie is designed to appeal to both children and adults, and Yash Puri believes it will be enjoyed with friends. The film’s release during the week of Valentine’s Day aims to celebrate different forms of love.

– The protagonist’s character, Harsha, embodies the struggles of a young man who keeps his feelings inside due to a curse. Despite the curse being a driving force in the plot, Yash Puri asserts that the film’s real essence lies in the human emotion depicted in the story. The protagonist expresses his love poetically rather than physically, adding a layer of depth to the narrative.

– Yash Puri expresses confidence in the film’s success, emphasizing the emotional connection with the audience as the real strength of the story. The film, he believes, offers a combination of humor, songs, and an engaging storyline with a strong emotional core. Yash Puri shares that feedback from those who have seen the movie has been positive, contributing to his belief in the film’s success.

– Reflecting on the film’s journey, Yash Puri mentions shooting a demo that played a crucial role in convincing the producers. The movie features a predominantly new cast and crew, and Yash Puri acknowledges the support of producer Anil, who backed this young team and was pleased with the results. Yash Puri expresses his excitement about the film and hints at the announcement of a new project soon.

– Yash Puri concludes by stating that while his goal is to become a commercial hero, he recognizes the importance of establishing himself first before venturing into strictly commercial styles. He hints at upcoming projects and envisions a path toward achieving his goals.