We are delighted with the audience response – Sharathulu Varthisthai team at success meet


“Sharathulu Varthisthai,” starring Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty and directed by Kumaraswamy (Akshara), has garnered positive feedback from the audience. Produced by Nagarjuna Samala, Srish Kumar Gunda, and Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu under the banner of Star Light Studios, the movie had its successful release yesterday. In light of this, a success meet was organized at Hyderabad Prasad Labs. During the event,

Hero Chaitanya Rao said, “No matter how much we tout that we’ve crafted a good film, a small positive response from you will be immensely beneficial. We need that kind of word-of-mouth promotion now. If you’ve seen the movie, please share it with your friends. ‘Sharathulu Varthisthai’ has received great support from our media friends, and our GSK Media team stands by us. After yesterday’s show, someone personally approached me and praised my portrayal of the Chiranjeevi character. Reviews also lauded my performance, and I’m grateful to the director and producer for entrusting me with such a wonderful character. I will strive to give my best in every movie. ‘Sharathulu Varthisthai’ indeed a good movie. There are no prerequisites to watching it. Head to your nearest theater and enjoy it. You’ll be engaged for two hours.”

Director Akshar Kumar stated, “Our movie ‘Sharathulu Varthisthai’ is garnering positive responses from all the places where it’s been released. The audience’s support is evident, and our artists have become synonymous with their characters. Chaitanya is now known as Chiranjeevi. Our belief that a good movie will surely find success has been vindicated. We’ve received positive reviews from the media, and word-of-mouth promotion is on the rise. We’re even receiving messages saying that people are watching the movie in theaters today. Many people have contributed to the making of this movie, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of them.”

Producer Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu said, “I would like to express my gratitude to my friends Nagarjuna Samala and Srish Kumar Gunda, who co-produced this film with me. We are very pleased with the feedback we’ve received for the film. We have received positive ratings from the media. As producers, we are satisfied with having created a good film. We have portrayed the hero as an ideal husband and a good friend while also contributing to society. We have delivered a film with a positive message to the audience. We hope that all of you will continue to support our film.”

Actor Santhosh Yadav stated, “Conditions apply. I portrayed the character of Sankaranna in this movie. In my long journey as an actor, if all the other films were steps, this Shankaranna character took me to another level. The significance of this character in the story was apparent. I am thankful to director Akshar Kumar for entrusting me with such a wonderful role. Everyone is urging you to watch the movie.”

Overall, the team expressed their gratitude and happiness for the positive reception of the movie.

Cast – Chaitanya Rao, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Santhosh Yadav, Devaraj Palamuru, Padmavati, Venky Monkey, Shiva Kalyan, Mallesh Balast, Seetha Mahalakshmi, Peddinti Ashok Kumar, Sujatha etc.

Technical team

Art Director – Gandhi Nadikudikar
Editing – CH Vamsi Krishna, Gajjala Rakshit Kumar
Cinematography – Praveen Vanamali, Shekhar Pochampally
Background Music – Prince Henry
Music – Arun Chiluveru, Saresh Bobbili (Twelve Gunjala)
Dialogues – Peddinti Ashok Kumar
Executive Producers – Rajesh Swarna, Sampath Bhimari, Aswatthama
PRO – GSK Media
Banner – Star Light Studios Pvt
Producers – Srilatha, Nagarjuna Samala, Sharada, Srish Kumar Gunda, Vijaya, Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu
Written Direction – Kumaraswamy (Akshara)