Vrindavan Creations’ “Raja The Raja” Movie Launched by Cinematography Minister Komatireddy Venkata Reddy


Vrindavan Creations is producing their first movie, “Raja The Raja,” starring Rutvik Kondakindi and Visakha Diman as the lead actors. Directed by Manikant Gelli and produced by Chanakya Adnaki and Niharika Reddy, the movie’s official launch took place today in Hyderabad. Telangana Cinematography Minister Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy, along with directors Ravi Babu and SV Krishna Reddy, were the chief guests at the event.

Director Manikant Gelli stated, “This movie, which I’m directing after ‘Tellavarithe Guruvaaram’ combines a compelling love story with thrilling elements and includes a theme related to nature. While it’s not entirely a commercial movie, we are crafting it to ensure commercial success. I’m grateful to Cinematography Minister Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy and directors Ravi Babu and Krishna Reddy for gracing our movie launch today. We’re introducing Rutvik Kondakindi and Visakha Diman as the lead actors with this film.”

Producer Chanakya Addaki commented, “This is the first movie launch that Komati Reddy has attended as a guest since becoming the Minister of Cinematography. ‘Raja The Raja’ is being made with a theme close to nature and promises to be a quality movie. We have assembled a friendly team and will start regular shooting from tomorrow, aiming to complete it in two months and release it by May-June. We seek everyone’s support. The camera switch-on was done by Ravi Babu, honorary direction by Krishna Reddy, and the clap by Minister Komati Reddy.”

Hero Rutvik Kondakindi expressed, “I’m thrilled about my role in this movie. Regular shooting begins tomorrow, and we plan to bring you a quality film. I’m thankful to all the guests who attended our launch today and seek support from the media as well.”

Heroine Visakha Diman shared, “Becoming a heroine has always been my dream, and I’m elated to see it realized with ‘Raja The Raja.’ I’m grateful to our producer and director for this opportunity. My character in the movie is compelling, and I’ve fallen in love with it. I believe you will too. I hope you enjoy the film.”

The cast includes Rutvik Kondakindi, Visakha Diman, Vishnu Oi, Rohini, Prithvi, Murali Sharma, and others. The technical team features Editor Balu Manoj D, Cinematographer Suresh Ragutu, Music by Mark K Robin, Production Designer Pravalya D, Costume Designer Poojita Tadikonda, and PRO-GSK Media.

“Raja The Raja” is a Vrindavan Creations production, produced by Chanakya Adnaki and Niharika Reddy, and written and directed by Manikant Gelli.