Villains Anthem from Rakshasa Kavyam sung by Rahul Sipligunj, Ram Miryala and Mangli is out now


Naveen Bethiganti, Anvesh Michael, Pawan Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini and Rohini are starring in the movie “Rakshasa Kavyam”. Damu Reddy and Shinganamala Kalyan are producing this film under the banners of Garuda Productions, Pingo Pictures and Cine Valley Movies. Naveen Reddy and Vasundara Devi are co-producers. Umesh Nigg is the executive producer.

The film “Rakshasa Kavyam” is being helmed by director Sriman Keerthi. Villains Anthem was released from this movie on Monday. RR Druvan has composed the tune for this promotional song with lyrics by Kasarla Shyam. Three top singers Rahul Sipligunj, Ram Miryala and Mangli have sung this song. The song impresses with the catchy lyrics Dilo Dillelo Dilo Dillelo & it goes on with meaningful words questioning the personalities of people. It is special to compose a song for the villains.

“Rakshasa Kavyam” is going to come before the audience as a new kind of film which has applied mythology to today’s social conditions. The release date of this movie will be announced soon.

Actors – Naveen Bethiganti, Anvesh Michael, Pawan Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini, Rohini, Yadamma Raju, Shivratri Raju, Praveen Dhagaram, Kota Sandeep, Vijay Ambayya, Vinay Kumar Parri etc.

Technical team
Editor and Colorist – Venkatesh Kalyan
Cinematography – Rushi Konapuram
Music by – Rajeev Raj, Srikanth,RR Dhruvan
Art – Gandhi Nadikudikar
Lyrics – Kasarla Shyam
Executive Producer – Umesh Tigg
Sound Design – Nagarjuna Thallapally
Co Producers, Naveen Reddy, Vasundhara Devi
PRO – GSK Media
Producers – Damu Reddy, Shinganamala Kalyan
Written and directed by Sriman Keerthi