Vijay Antony’s Hatya Pre Release Event


Young heroes Adivi Sesh and Sandeep Kishan were the guests of Kollywood hero Vijay Antony’s ‘Hatya’ pre-release event that was held in Hyderabad. Director Balaji Kumar directed this film in the backdrop of a crime thriller. Vijay Antony will be seen in the role of a detective in this film. Ritika Singh and Meenakshi Chaudhary acted as heroines. Produced by Kamal Bora, G. Dhanunjayan, Pradeep B, Pankaj Bora, Vikram Kumar, Tan Sri Doraisingam Pillai, Siddharth Shankar, RVS Ashok Kumar under Lotus Pictures and Infinity Film Ventures banners. This movie is releasing in Telugu on 21st of this month by Global Cinemas and Suresh Production. In the pre-release program

Director Balaji Kumar said – Thanks to Sandeep Kishan and Adivi Sesh for coming here to support us. Vijay Antony has a good craze among the Telugu audience. He’s coming to you every time with new content. This movie is also different content. Based on an incident that took place in 1923, I made a film about murder. It would be better if my movie talks in theatres. It will impress you as a good thriller movie.

Music director Girish Gopalakrishnan said – I am happy to get an opportunity to work for the film Hatya. I have came to Hyderabad two or three times in the past. I know how much you love the films. We have tried different music for the movie Hathya. As it is a thriller, we have brought variation in the music pattern. We did a song in the style of Oprah, which is famous in Europe.

Producer G. Dhanunjayan said – Thanks to Global and Suresh Productions who are releasing the movie Hatya in Telugu. Our movie gives the feel of a unique thriller movie. But those who have seen the movie please don’t reveal who is the villain of the story through spoilers. It would be good to see that twist in the theatre. Along with Vijay Antony, Meenakshi Chaudhary stood as a pillar for this movie. She is promoting this movie very well.

Actor Siddharth Shankar said – Thanks to Vijay for giving me the opportunity to act in this film. I call director Balaji as my elder brother. I have done a good character in this movie. Kolai/Hatya is impressive as a different thriller.

Heroine Meenakshi Chaudhary said – This is my debut film. I am playing the role of Laila in the movie Hatya. While playing this character, I forgot myself and became Laila. This movie was a beautiful experience for me. I am playing a key role in Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram. We have completed the first schedule. I will never forget the first day shoot experience of Guntur Kaaram, because my first scene was with Mahesh Babu garu.

Hero Sandeep Kishan said – The subjects and stories selected by Vijay Antony are very good. He chooses different stories and makes the film’s that will appeal to the general audience. He is also a good music director. I am a fan of Vijay’s songs. Director Balaji is well known to me. If you watch the Hatya trailer, Balaji has shown that the film has a international level standards. Producer B Dhanunjay learned to speak Telugu by doing By bilingual Films. Meenakshi is getting success everywhere she steps in. Best wishes to the Hatya team.

Hero Adivi Sesh said – I came as a guest for Vijay’s Bichagadu 2 pee release. The movie was successful. Now he asked me to come as a guest for the Hatya movie. If you look at the trailer of this movie, it is not like a Telugu movie or a Tamil movie, it is like an international film. Director Balaji garu, think about me before selecting the hero for your next movie. Sandeep, Meenakshi, Vijay Antony and I here are all became successful with our self hardwork and reached here without any backgroud. We wrote our own story.

Hero Vijay Antony said – Adivi Sesh is like a lucky mascot for our movies. Sandeep came here even though he has a shoot in the morning. Thanks to Sesh and Sandeep. Both Sesh and Sandeep want to do films with Balaji. He is a good technician. Balaji has complete knowledge in film making. Our production houses are very much involved in the making of the Hatya movie. Listening to the music and background score of this movie will remind you of Hollywood detective movies. Girish gave such good music. I hope this movie will be successful.