Vijay Antony Poetic Action Film “Toofan” Teaser Launched grandly


Hero Vijay Antony, well-known to South audiences through various films, is set to appear before the audience with the film “Toofan.” Recently, his movie “Love Guru” achieved significant success in Telugu. “Toofan” is being produced by Kamal Bora, D. Lalitha, B. Pradeep, and Pankaj Bora under the banner of Infinity Film Ventures. This company previously produced “Raghavan” and “Hathya,” both starring Vijay Antony. Directed by Vijay Milton, “Toofan” is a poetic action entertainer. The story revolves around a man who changed the future of a society that once looked down on him. Currently, the shooting of “Topfan” is in its final stages. The filming, set on an island, took place in Andaman and Diu Daman. The film is scheduled for a grand theatrical release in June. Recently, the teaser for “Toofan” was released at Hyderabad’s Prasad Labs. During the event:

Producer Vamsi Nandipati said: Producer Dhanunjayan is the reason I came to this event. I had the opportunity to meet Vijay Antony at his house, where he told me about his work on “Bichagadu 2.” I was amazed. Vijay Antony is a hero not only on-screen but also in real life. He has bravely faced several challenges. There are two Vijays in this movie—Vijay Milton and Vijay Antony. With two Vijays, success is inevitable. All the best to the “Toofan” movie team.

Writer Bhashyasree said: Vijay Antony has created a stylish action entertainer with “Toofan.” I believe the film will generate significant box office returns, like a storm. This is the most stylish movie our director Vijay Milton has made in his career. Vijay Antony’s performance is impressive. He has also composed the music for this movie along with Achu Rajamani. I wrote the songs and lyrics. “Toofan” features many well-known actors, and we aimed to make it feel like a straight Telugu movie. It will definitely be a hit.

Producer Dhanunjayan said: “Toofan” is not just a commercial action entertainer; it includes all the elements of emotion and relationships. To give the audience a new experience, our director Vijay Milton chose unique locations like Andaman and Diu Daman for filming. “Toofan” has a huge cast, all of whom played good roles. Vijay Antony’s movie “Love Guru” was watched by one million people on OTT. We believe that “Toofan” will be a super hit..

Director Vijay Milton said: There is a good craze for Telugu heroes and directors in Tamil. They are well-liked. I love the Telugu audience. My dream is to make a super hit movie in Telugu. The way they celebrate films is impressive. I have twenty years of friendship with Vijay Antony. Thank you, Vijay, for traveling with me all this time. We worked hard for two years on the movie “Toofan.” This story takes place on an island and begins when a stranger enters an unfamiliar society. We planned to shoot in Andaman, but it wasn’t possible as we thought. Instead, we shot in Goa, Daman, and Diu. The hero’s character in the story is like the calm before the storm. Thanks to Bhashyasree for suggesting this title. We are coming to you with a big cast. Thanks to all our cast and crew who supported me in making “Toofan.”

Hero Vijay Antony said: “Toofan” is an action-packed movie. It will appeal to all sections of the audience. Our producers have invested significantly, ensuring high production values without compromising anywhere. Our director Vijay Milton has worked on many films as a cinematographer. He was the cinematographer for the Telugu film “Premitsa.” It was a pleasure working with Vijay. Bhashyasree has been continuously traveling with me. This movie will also bring him good recognition. Producer Vamsi Nandipati, who will be associated with “Bicchagadu 2,” has my thanks for attending this program. “Toofan” features a cast of well-known actors like Sathyaraj, Sarath Kumar, and Daali Dhanunjaya. We are planning to release it in June. I hope you all like it. My recent words about reviewers were not intended for everyone. The movie is our baby. Just as you would get angry if someone insults your baby, we feel hurt when someone criticizes our hard work. We mentioned that our movie could suffer due to reviews from a few people with bad intentions. It was a personal response. The media has the right to review movies, and I respect that freedom. Recently, some Telugu movies haven’t been well received in theatres, but films like “Hanuman” and “Tillu Square” did well at the box office. If the content is good, the audience will surely come to the theatres.

Actors: Vijay Antony, Sarath Kumar, Sathyaraj, Dolly Dhanunjaya, Megha Akash, Murali Sharma, Prithvi Amber, Sharanya Ponvannan, Thalaivasal Vijay, etc.

Technical Team:

– Costumes: Shimona Stalin
– Designer: Tandora Chandru
– Action Choreographer: Supreme Sundar
– Art Director: Arumugaswamy
– Editing: Praveen KL
– Music: Achu Rajamani, Vijay Antony
– Dialogue Writer: Bhashya Shree
– PRO: GSK Media (Suresh – Sreenivas)
– Producers: Kamal Bora, D. Lalitha, B. Pradeep, Pankaj Bora
– Written, Cinematography, Direction: Vijay Milton