Vidya Vasula Aham Movie Review


Film;Vidya Vasula Aham

Rahul Vijay (Hero)
Shivani Rajasekhar (Heroine)
Avasarala Srinivas, Abhinaya, Raghubabu (Cast)
Manikant Gelli (Director)
Ranjith Kumar Kodali – Navya Mahesh – Chandana Katta (Producer)
Kalyani Malik (Music)
Akhil Velluri (Cinematography)
Release date; 17/5/2024 Rating; 3/5

If there is a conflict between the new couple The Telugu film industry is constantly coming up with new films and shows. ‘Vidya Vasula Aham ‘will be streaming on Aha OTT from May 17. The film is directed by Manikanth Gelli and produced by Lakshmi Navya and Ranjith Kumar under the banner of Eternity Entertainment. ‘Vidya Vasula Aham ‘is a romantic comedy entertainer about how there are ego clashes between husband and wife


Vidya (Shivani) and Vasu (Rahul Vijay) are not interested in marriage. But once they go to the temple, they decide to get married after listening to the words spoken at a function there. However, Vidya tells the parents that instead of wedding looks, I will prepare a form, send it to all the people you like, fill it up and I will select one of them as the final one. Thus a farm comes near Vasu. Vasu gets interested in the farm and sends it to the girl without anyone seeing it. In this way, education and marriage of the people will take place. After the wedding, the two had a fight over money, Vasu lost his job, and both parents came home at the same time. Many such incidents take place in couple. And what is the conflict between the two? Who’s going to fight between the two? What did education do? How are the newlyweds in front of their parents? To know how the new couple ended the feud, you have to watch the film.

Romantic comedy films have become very rare in recent times. ‘Vidya Vasula Aham ‘is a good Rom-Kam film. The movie is never boring from the beginning to the end. This generation of married people perfectly showed what a new couple looks like. Instead of narrating the story as usual, the screenplay was rewritten to show Vishnumurthy, Lakshmi Devi and Narada talking about marriage stories. Dialogues are also very good. Climax also seems to have a perfect ending. The story is mostly told between husband and wife as per the title. On the whole, it feels like watching a cute rom cam.

Rahul Vijay is the new bride of this generation. Sivani Rajasekhar is the heroine in this movie. The film is all about a girl in a saree, who looks cute as a married new girl and on the one hand, she is seen in romantic scenes and on the other hand, she is seen fighting with her husband. There are two main characters in the film. All the rest comes down to context. Srinivas Reddy as Narada, Abhinaya as Lakshmi Devi and Avasarala Srinivas Kassepu as Vishnumurthy were seen in the film.

Technical issues
Cinematography of the film is good. The art department did a great job. When the new couple put up the new dome, the new house was well designed. The music given by Kalyan Malik is beautiful. The songs are just okay. The dialogues are also well written. Manikanth is the director of the film. The film has been made without compromising on quality.

‘Vidya Vasula Aham ‘is a romantic comedy film. On OTT Play