TUK TUK” – A Funky and Fantasy Ride Unveiled by Chitravaahini and RYG Banners


Chitravaahini and RYG Banners are thrilled to announce the unveiling of their latest film title, “TUK TUK,” accompanied by a poster that exudes funkiness and a surreal, magical vibe. The title perfectly encapsulates the essence of the poster, resembling the ubiquitous three-wheeler, promising an enthralling and entertaining journey for the audience.

Directed by the talented Supreeth C Krishna, “TUK TUK” is poised to be a delightful cinematic experience, set against the backdrop of a vibrant village where the quirky three-wheeler plays a pivotal role in the narrative. The poster, unveiled on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami, offers a glimpse into the captivating world of the film, hinting at an intriguing storyline that blends elements of fantasy and reality seamlessly.

Produced by Rahul Reddy, Lokku Sai Varun, and Sreeramulu Reddy, “TUK TUK” boasts an impressive ensemble of creative minds, with music composed by Santhu Omkar and cinematography by Karthik Saikumar.

“TUK TUK” promises to be an exhilarating cinematic ride that will leave audiences eagerly anticipating its release.

Cast :
Harsh roshan
Kaarthikeyaa dev
Steven Madhu
Saanve Megghana
Nihal kodhaty

Crew :
Director : Supreeth C Krishna
Cinematographer : karthik saikumar
Music : santhu omkar
Editor : ashwath shivkumar
Producers :
Rahul reddy
Lokku sri varun
Sreeramulu Reddy
PRO : Eluru Sreenu, Maduri Madhu
Digital Media : Picture Pitch