Thriller Lovers Will Enjoy “Satyabhama” – Music Director Sricharan Pakala


‘Queen of Masses’ Kajal Aggarwal plays the lead role in the movie “Satyabhama,” with Naveen Chandra in the pivotal role of Amarender. Produced by Bobby Tikka and Srinivasa Rao Takkalapalli under the banner of Aurum Arts, the film is presented by Sasikiran Tikka, known for the movie “Major,” who also crafted the screenplay. Directed by Suman Chikkala, this crime thriller is set for a grand theatrical release on the 7th of this month. In a recent interview, music director Sricharan Pakala shared his experience of providing music for the film.

– Sricharan expressed his excitement about working on “Satyabhama,” particularly because Kajal Aggarwal plays the lead role. This film marks his third collaboration with Sashikiran and a project with familiar friends, making the experience unique and enjoyable. He believes this film is a perfect comeback for Kajal and praised the action sequences.

– “Satyabhama” will resonate with those who love thrillers due to its superb twists and emotional journey of a police officer. Kajal performed all the action scenes herself, an impressive feat post-childbirth, which inspired me to create compelling music.

– The film features five songs, starting with two: “Kallara” a love song between Kajal and Naveen Chandra, and “Vethuku Vethuku” sung by Keeravaani, which ties into Kajal’s case investigation. An English song is also included, and the rest of the lyrical songs will be released soon. Collaborating with Keeravaani garu and Chandra Bose garu on the song “Vethuku Vethuku” was a memorable experience for me.

– While Sricharan has a reputation for thrillers, he has also composed music for love and commercial films like “Krishna and His Leela,” “DJ Tillu,” and “Guntur Talkies.” He expressed a desire to work on a variety of genres, including mass and commercial movies, despite his current image.

– Sricharan acknowledged that background music often stands out in thrillers, even if the songs are good. He aims to provide quality music across genres and hopes to receive diverse opportunities.

– Sricharan shared that he listened to ghazals as a child and has also created rock music. He never worked as an assistant to any music director, and his career began when the audience appreciated his music for a film. He continues to create music and aspires to deliver new and unique compositions to the audience.

– Sricharan mentioned his friendly relationships with fellow music directors like Vivek Sagar, Kaala Bhairava, and Praveen Lakkraju. He remains focused on his musical career, despite appearing in a small role in “Krishna and His Leela.” With numerous projects lined up after “Gooda chari 2,” he does not see himself pursuing acting full-time.