‘Sri Ranga Neethulu’ to hit the screens worldwide on April 12*


‘Sri Ranga Neethulu’, starring Suhas, Ruhani Sharma, Viraj Ashwin, and Karthik Ratnam, is a coming-of-age drama that depicts the lives of its characters who are in their mid-20s. It deals with complex emotions in their lives with a touch of wit. It’s a hyperlink drama. Director Praveen Kumar VSS and producer Venkateshwara Rao Balmuri of Radhavi Entertainments are ready with the film’s release.

The youthful emotional drama, made as a naturalistic film, will head to theatres on April 12.

The makers are delighted that the film’s Teaser and title track have been successful. Well-written characters the youngsters out there can identify themselves with are the hallmark of ‘Sri Ranga Neethulu’. The film’s scenes and the narrative structure are distinctive. The film stages family bonds, romance, friendship, and entertainment in a way that the audience will find lovely.


Suhas, Ruhani Sharma, Viraj Ashwin, Karthik Ratnam, Srinivas Avasarala, Devi Prasad, Sanjay Swaroop, Thanikella Bharani, Geetha Bhasker, CVL Narasimha Rao, and Jeevan Reddy.


Music Directors: Harshavardhan Rameshwaran, Ajay Arasada
Cinematography: Tijo Tomy
Editor: Sasank Vupputuri