Slum Dog Husband is going super hit: Most happening beauty Sree Leela at Pre release event


Sanjay Rao and Pranavi Manukonda are acting in the film ‘Slum Dog Husband’. This film, which started as a small film, is going to be released by a big company like Reliance Entertainment. Produced by Mic Movies banner, the film is directed by dashing director Puri Jagannath disciple Dr. AR Sridhar. Brahmaji and Saptagiri are playing key roles in this movie which is coming as a complete comical entertainer. This movie is getting ready for release on 29th of this month. In this background, directors Bobby, Buchi Babu Sana, Karthik Dandu and star heroine Sreeleela attended the pre-release event of the film in Hyderabad on Thursday. On this occasion

Hero Sohel said – All producers want to make films with big heroes. But Mic Movies is a company that is anchoring people like us by making films with new heroes who have no market. He is doing different movies like George Reddy, Pressure Cooker, Slum Dog Husband. This movie should be a big hit for them. Also, Sanjay Rao worked hard for this film. Tried for good promotion. This movie should become a hit and bring name to Sanjay.

Music director Bheems Ceciroleo said – I got a chance to make good music for this movie. The songs became hits. Director AR Sridhar studied abroad and made this movie with passion. Appireddy is a good minded producer. This movie should give him a super hit.

Comedian Saptagiri said – Thanks Srilee for coming to our movie program. The combination scenes of me and Brahmaji in the second half of this movie will make you laugh a lot. It is a pleasant entertainer movie. Come see it in the theater.

Producer Venkat Annapareddy said – Thanks to all the guests on this stage. I got a part in this movie because of my brother Appireddy’s anchorage. Slum Dog Husband movie has fun and emotion. Check it out on the 29th.

Producer Appireddy said – When it was announced that Srileela would be coming to our function… there were countless requests for venue passes. Such is her craze. Our Mike Movies company has made 5 films so far, out of which 4 are new directors. Sridhar sent me three stories. Those three are new. We have selected this story. Brahmaji supported this movie a lot. Sanjay is a talented hero and Pranavi is known as an influencer. This movie should bring fame to all of us. If this movie is a hit, we will give opportunities to ten more newcomers. We have produced this film with a line that is not found anywhere in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Virupaksha director Karthik Dandu said – Slum Dog Husband movie is releasing on July 29th. Hero Sanjay, Heroine Pranavi, Director Sridhar, Producer Appireddy..I wish them all the best. We need a movie with a craze like after George Reddy in Mic Movies.

Director Buchibabu Sana said – I came here to see what Slum Dog Husband is like. Brahmaji is my good friend. A good and unique idea coming to the director is a sign of success. That idea takes the film somewhere. Sridhar picked such an idea for this movie. All the best to the film team. We want Telugu girls to enter films. Vaishnavi Chaitanya, the heroine Pranavi and Sree Leela are Telugu girls. I will take a Telugu girl for my new film.

Director AR Sridhar said – Thanks to Appareddy and Venkat for giving me the opportunity to direct this movie. Our movie will impress you as a hilarious entertainer and there are good emotions. The pairing of Sanjay and Pranavi is impressive. This is my first film as a director. I have made a movie with a new point that you all will like.

Heroine Pranavi said – Thanks to producer Appireddy and director Sridhar who believed that I can do the heroine character in this movie. Our film is like a roller coaster ride. There will be full entertainment and emotions. You can’t come out of the movie without laughing. We need your blessings and support. Watch Slum Dog Husband movie on 29th.

Director Bobby said – Appireddy seems to have a good fan following. Screams are heard when his name is mentioned. The content he selects is good. I saw the movie George Reddy in the theater. A lot of buzz was created for that movie. Director Sridhar Garu is a favorite person of Puri Jagannath. Puri was also supposed to come today but he was shooting and he could not come. Brahmaji stopped growing old. He gave me a lot of moral support in an awkward situation during the Power shoot. Sanjay is a good actor. This movie should bring him a hit. Also Pranavi is beautiful telugu girl. She did a small character in our Sardar Gabbar Singh. I want this movie to be a hit for all of them.

Heroine Sree leela said – I came to know about this movie while me and Brahmaji garu doing the scenes in Bhagavanth Kesari. Their son Sanjay is playing the hero. Brahmaji garu obviously have done a good performance. Pranavi is a Telugu girl. It is a respectable industry. If we stay within our limits and select films, there is no obstacle. There will be no problems. This is my advice to Pranavi. After Dhamaka, Bheems garu gave hit music album again. All the best to this team. The movie should be a super hit.

Brahmaji said – The entire industry has supported this film. Our directors Bobby, Buchibabu and Karthik are happy to come to this function. I have done only one film with Sreeleela and she came to support our film with this little relation. She doesn’t know what her stardom is. Feel good movies come in Miklc Movies. They should make films continuously. New people should be supported. Director Sridhar’s dialogues are going to bring laughs in theatres. He worked on such a good script. Bheems garz gave super hit music. Everyone should watch Slum Dog Husband in theatres on July 29th.

Hero Sanjay Rao said – Thanks to Mic Movies for making movies with new concepts and supporting new talent. Director Sridhar supported like a friend. He became friend enough to tell him anything. I thought that Pranavi is a new heroine but after seeing her performance, I got very careful to act better. Family is there to support us in life. My father, mother and wife supported me. Thank you for that. Watch the movie and you will definitely like it.