Skills in martial arts necssary Says Janasena President Sri Pawan Kalyan


Skills in martial arts and adventure sports will help develop mental strength along with physical fitness for youth and it is necessary to learn them, Janasena President Sri Pawan Kalyan has said. There are so several conventional martial arts in our country and besides, many other martial arts are in vogue in various Asian countries. If the young boys and girls are given training from childhood, they will help to make self-defence and also acquiring psychological strength. Sri Pawan Kalyan felicitated Sri Prabhakar Reddy, a trainer of martial arts from Nellore and recipient of several Guinness Book records, in his office in Hyderabad on Friday morning. Sri Pawan Kalyan handed over Rs 1 lakh cheque to him through the ‘Pawan Kalyan Learning Centre for Excellence’ organisation set up by him.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Pawan Kalyan said “I came to know about Sri Prabhakar Reddy when I am browsing for the trainers available in our country in ‘Wing Chun’ martial art. It is happy to note that though he had got trained in various countries in martial arts and achieved so many records, he was giving training to youth in his native place without migrating to big cities. Persons like him shall be encouraged. In this process, I extended financial support through our trust,” he said.

Sri Prabhakar Reddy said “I have achieved 29 world records in martial arts and learnt martial arts in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Srilanka. I got trained in the Shaolin temple in China. They will help youth immensely if they know martial arts. There are only a few people learning martial arts in our country. Sri Pawan Kalyan has secured knowledge in various forms of martial arts. Very few people have an interest in martial arts. I felt happy as he invited me, felicitated and extended financial assistance. I thank Sri Pawan Kalyan,” he said.

Sri Pawan Kalyan has ascertained some details about ‘Wing Chun’ from him. He also acquired some techniques in Wing Chun wooden dummy.