Record Viewership for Ashwathama Teaser


Ashwathama teaser got released yesterday it has been doing rounds on the internet. The response for the teaser is amazing.

Naga Shaurya shared the video where he thanked the audiences. “I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love you have shown towards #Aswathamateaser. Thank you @Samanthaprabhu2 for always being this supportive. Love u all❤ More Good Stuff Yet To Come.”

“Hi guys, Thank you so much for one and all. The response for the teaser Ashwathama which got out yesterday is huge. 2.5 million views and counting in less than 24 hours. Thank you so much, Oh Baby, for launching this on the digital platform. Thank you, Samantha, for being such a beautiful friend and supportive. I always love you and we always love you. Further, a song and trailer are on their way. Thank you guys.” said Naga Shaurya in a video that he shared on Twitter to express his gratitude.

Ramana Teja Seela is the director of the movie and this is his debut. Naga Shaurya turned the story writer for this movie and it is his debut. Sricharan Pakala is the music director of the film. The movie releases in the last week of January.