‘Rangamma’ from ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ unveiled at the hands of versatile actor Priyadarshi


Retro, trendy song takes the listeners on a nostalgic ride

Annapurna Photo Studio‘ is the sixth film coming under the banner of Big Ben Cinemas, the banner that made a name for itself with Pelli Choopulu, Dear Comrade, and Dorasaani. Chaitanya Rao of ’30 Weds 21’ fame is acting as the hero and Lavanya is the film’s heroine. Previously, a concept poster of the film was released at the hands of director Harish Shankar. It received a unanimous response from the industry as well as the audience. The first look poster of the movie was released at the hands of senior producer Suresh Babu garu recently.

Today, its first song was released at the hands of ‘Balagam’ and ‘Pelli Choopulu’ actor Priyadarshi, who is close to producer Yash and also hero Chaitanya. ‘Rangamma’ is the title of the song. Composed by Prince Henry and written by Srinivasa Mouli, the unique song is rendered with soul by SPB Charan.

Speaking on the occasion, guest Priyadarshi said that he is happy for Chaitanya Rao, producer Yash and director Chendu. “I and Chaitanya started out together more than ten years ago. I am glad for him. His choices are great these days. Local is the new global, and ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ is going to prove it. I want to see composer Prince try out a remix or something,” he added.

Director Chendu Muddu thanked Priyardarshi. “Music director Prince’s composition gives a retro feel. At the same time, the sound is modish. The song situation will definitely impress the audience. I am expecting ‘Rangamma’ to resonate in pubs,” he added.

Lyricist Mouli said, “I thoroughly enjoyed writing the song. ‘Rangamma’ is a special song because SPB Charan garu sang it. He is one of my most favourite singers. I hope listeners enjoy the song and support our movie. I look forward to writing many more beautiful songs in my career.”

Hero Chaitanya Rao thanked Priyadarshi and added that he is extremely happy about the success of ‘Balagam’. “‘Rangamma’ is my favourite song from our movie. I am glad Priyadarshi is the one who has released it. He is busy and yet he took out time to release it. Even while shooting for this song, I was very confident. We eagerly waited to bring it out. The song has a piece of trendy fusion music although the film is set in the 1980s. The lyrics and tuning are very catchy. We get a feeling that we are watching a Bappi Lahari song. We will be releasing the rest of the songs one after another.” He thanked composer Prince Henry, director Chandu and producer Yash. “This song will be forever close to my heart. I am so sure of Prince’s growth. I am expecting ‘Rangamma’ to clock 10 million views at the very least,” he added.

Producer Yash Rangineni said, “‘Rangamma’ is an important song in our movie. I sincerely thank Priyadarshi for releasing it. SPB Charan garu enjoyed a lot singing the song. The song is a throwback to the ’80s music. RD Burman’s, Bappi Lahari’s songs in the old days used to charm us. ‘Rangamma’ is an attempt to bring back those vibes. It is the first-of-its-kind experiment in Telugu in terms of melody, beats, and rhythm. Mouli’s lyrics are innovative. I hope everyone enjoys this song. The placement of the song in the film is also unique and well thought-through. I hope you will all enjoy listening to it. I particularly thank Charan garu. He has given us the magic of the SP Balasubrahmanyam garu’s timeless voice.”


Chaitanya Rao, Lavanya, Mihira, Uttara, Vaiva Raghava, Lalit Aditya and others.


Music director: Prince Henry, Cinematography: Pankaj, Editor: D Venkat Prabhu, PRO – GSK Media, Banner: Big Ben Cinemas, Producer: Yash Rangineni, Written and Directed by Chendu Muddu.