The upcoming movie “Raju Gari Kodipulao,” produced by Anil Moduga and Shiva Kona, is creating excitement on social media. With promotional activities in full swing, the release of the latest captivating trailer has further heightened expectations among eager fans.

The trailer sets the stage with a captivating scene of a baby in the forest holding a piece of chicken, accompanied by an engrossing background score. TV Super Star Prabhakar, known for his role in “Rajugari Kodipulao,” shares insights into his family background, adding to the intrigue. Meanwhile, a group of friends embarks on a road trip that takes them into a mysterious forest. When their car breaks down, they continue on foot, leading to a series of captivating events that drive the plot.

The trailer introduces thrilling and suspenseful elements, featuring intriguing characters like policemen, aghoras, a joker-clad individual, and a gang. These connections to the story leave audiences curious and heighten anticipation for this suspenseful youth-centric entertainer, promising a contemporary and intense experience.

With Pavan Guntuku’s cinematography, Pravin Mani’s creative vision, Basava’s editing, and the director’s expertise, the film exhibits high production values. “Raju Gari Kodipulao” is set to captivate audiences worldwide when it hits theaters on July 29.

Starring: ETV Prabhakar, Shiva Kona, Kunal Kaushal, Neha Deshpandey, Prachi Thaker, Abhilash Bandari, Ramya Dinesh, etc.

Banner: AMF, Kona Cinema
Producers: Anil Moduga, Shiva Kona
Director: Shiva Kona
Music: Pravin Mani – Sashank Tirupathi
Cinematography: Pavan Guntuku
Editors: Basava, Shiva Kona
Sound Design: G. Purushottam Raju
VFX: Vishnu Poluju
Sound Mixing: A Raj Kumar
Writing Collaboration, Executive Producer: Ravi Sandrana
PRO: Harish, Dinesh