Acting in “Miss Perfect” series was a refreshing experience: heroine Lavanya Tripathi


Lavanya Tripathi stars as the lead in the intriguing web series “Miss Perfect,” alongside Abhijeet, Bigg Boss fame, who plays the hero. The series is produced by Supriya Yarlagadda under the Annapurna Studios banner and directed by Vishwak Khanderao. “Miss Perfect” is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. On this occasion, Lavanya Tripathi shared insights about the series in a recent interview.

– “Miss Perfect” boasts of talented actors. However, before I delve into the series, I must highlight the script. It’s a compelling script that mixes romantic and comedic elements seamlessly. I am thrilled to have received such a script. The comedy here is not run-of-the-mill; it features a variety of characters. In this series, I played the roles of Miss Lavanya and Lakshmi. She is a perfectionist, and her desire for perfection in every task leads to certain challenges. These characters encompass a wide range of emotions. As an actress, I am always seeking diverse roles, and ‘Miss Perfect’ offered me that opportunity.

– My characters, Miss Lavanya and Lakshmi, bear a close resemblance to my personal life. I find a lot of similarities with these characters in real life. At home, I’m like Lakshmi, and on set, I seek the perfection that Lavanya’s character does. I often ask for multiple takes. There isn’t a significant difference between movies and web series. Shooting “Miss Perfect” felt like filming a movie, but here, I completed shooting in 30 days, whereas a film might take a year.

– Nothing in my career has changed after marrying Varun Tej. Joining the mega family hasn’t led to anyone dictating what I should or shouldn’t do. Career-wise, I have as much freedom as before. Having an understanding partner like Varun makes a difference. Has the way others view me changed? We remain the same as before. Joining a prominent family felt good. Varun watched the “Miss Perfect” series and appreciated its quality. He enjoyed the entire series and even shared his thoughts on Instagram. Varun and I continue with our professional lives separately. He is not involved in my projects but listens whenever I discuss the scripts I’ve chosen. Varun was aware of this series’ script and found it appealing.

– Working with new directors always brings a sense of refreshment. Vishwak Khanderao’s writing is distinctive, and working with him was a delight. He was open to everyone’s opinions on set and considered my suggestions. This series explores the challenges of being a perfectionist.

– Acting in the “Miss Perfect” series was not challenging but rather refreshing. After doing another thriller series, “Puli Meka,” and a dark thriller in Tamil, switching to a rom-com like this felt much easier. The only challenge was mastering the dialogue delivery as directed by Vishwak. I have always been selective about my film choices, preferring not to take on multiple projects at once, aiming to establish myself as an actress with a relatively small number of films.

– Fortunately, I have worked with reputable production companies so far. My experience working with Hotstar and the Annapurna organization was smooth. Supriya is my best friend, making this series a comfortable project for me. Ayodhya is my hometown, and I see the construction of Lord Rama’s temple there as a significant achievement. It’s a joy to see Lord Rama return to Ayodhya Mandir.

– I’ve completed a film with a new actor under People Media Factory, where I portray a police officer. I am also working on a Tamil movie.