Project Envisioned By Niroop Reddy:


Transforming intangibles, like dreams, aspirations and expectations into tangible creations, and his vision of sheer thrill and joy at the final result, is what drove Niroop Reddy to set up his architectural design firm, NA Architects, in 2003 in Hyderabad, home to bustling real estate activity and some of the best entrepreneurs in the sector. What sets him and his firm apart, is their total commitment to turning vision into reality through their designs, that not only look good, but also work. With his penchant for doing things differently, his readiness to experiment with new ideas, concepts, practices and technology, eagerness to innovate and not one to shy away from the challenges of demanding clients, budgets and timelines, he has enabled creation of unique blends of light, space, materials, forms, function and environment, and has delighted clients. He has been a recipient of some of the most prestigious awards in the field of architecture.

Niroop Reddy has been featured in the Forbes India “The Bold Club” of India’s Top 30 Architects, an honour that he acknowledges and humbly says that the recognition casts on him a higher responsibility as a professional architect. The Forbes India ‘The Bold Club: India’s Top 30 Architects’ includes the stories of leading and influential architects, who have made a significant impact in India and abroad, in their own unique way. This was an initiative for recognising and promoting bold leadership and innovation, in sustainable design and methods to adapt to challenging environmental changes.