Producer Ashok Kumar launched the teaser of ‘Yamadheera’ movie


Kannada hero Komal Kumar is the hero and Indian cricketer Sreesanth is playing a negative role in the film Yamadheera which is the first film of Vedala Srinivas as a Producer under the banner Sri Mandiram Productions. Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash, Madhu Sudhan played key roles in this movie. However, the teaser of this movie was launched by Ashok Kumar, who is a famous actor and producer.

Producer Vedala Srinivas said…this is his first film, he started Sri Mandiram Productions with passion for films, and he wants the audience to support him. He thanked his friend actor and producer Ashok Kumar who accepted his invitation and launched the teaser of Yamadheera movie. Vedala Srinivas said that Yamadheera movie will be released in theatres soon.

On this occasion, Ashok Kumar said that it is very gratifying that his friend Vedala Srinivas are starting new Sri Mandiram productions. He said that Yamadheera, which is the first film of Sri Mandiram Productions, should do very well and many more films should come in Sri Mandiram Productions. Komal Kumar, who has acted in more than 90 Kannada films, said that it is a privilege to act as the protagonist in this film. He said that this film is being shot in countries like Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka as well as in Mysore, Chennai, Bangalore and other parts of our country.

Producer: Vedala Srinivas

Komal Kumar, Sreesanth (Cricketer), Rishika Sharma, Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash, Madhu Sudan, etc.

Dialogues & Lyrics : Varadaraj Chikkaballapura
Cameraman : Rosh Mohan Karthik
Editing : C Ravichandran
Music : Varun Unni
Story & Direction: Shankar R
PRO : Madhu VR