Police Vaari Heccharika” Filming Update


Under the directorial guidance of the renowned Nallapusalu fame, Babji, Thoolika Thanishk Creations embarks on its maiden venture with the movie “Police Vaari Hecharika.” The talkie part of the film has been successfully completed, marking a significant milestone in its production journey. Presently, the team is jubilantly immersed in filming the songs, a pivotal aspect of any cinematic creation.

Director Babji disclosed the progress of the film, highlighting the diverse locations chosen for song sequences including Arakuloya, Coffee Vanam, Apple Resorts, Vizag Yarada Beach, Nakirekal Lands, and Yes Studio, among others.

An exciting revelation comes with the introduction of the music director, “Gajvel Venu,” renowned for his remarkable feat of composing five lakh private songs in collaboration with singers and writers from the two Telugu states. “Police Vaari Heccharika” marks his silver screen debut, promising a musical treat for the audience.

Producer Belli Janarthan expressed optimism about the swift completion of song shoots within two days, paving the way for the final leg of filming featuring climax scenes set in Nalgonda.

The technical team, comprising of Nalini Kanth handling the camera, Gajvel Venu composing music, Siva Sharvani editing, Hanu Mantha Rao overseeing project coordination, and N. Y. Subbarayudu managing construction, ensures a seamless execution of the film’s vision.

As the production nears its completion, “Police Vaari Heccharika” emerges as a promising addition to the Telugu film industry, poised to enthrall audiences with its captivating narrative and mesmerizing musical compositions.

The ensemble cast includes esteemed actors such as Akhil Sunny, Ajay Ghosh, Ravi Kale, Shiaji Shinde, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Kashi Vishwanath, Sanjay Nair, Jabardasth Vinod, Jabardasth Pawan, Himaja, Jaya Vahini, Shankarabharanam Tulsi, Meghna Khushi, and Ruchita, promising a captivating cinematic experience.

Camera: Nalini Kanth
Music : Gajvel Venu
Editor : Siva Sharvani
PRO. Madhu VR
Project Coordinator : Hanu Mantha Rao
Construction Management: N. Y. Subbarayudu
Producer: Belli Janarthan
Written and directed by Babji