Market Mahalakshmi is a complete family entertainer along with a beautiful love story,Director VS Mukkhesh


The movie ‘Market Mahalakshmi,’ starring Kerintha movie fame hero Parvateesam and heroine Praneekaanvika, is produced under the banner of B2P Studios. VS Mukkhesh has handled all responsibilities for the story, dialogues, screenplay, and direction for this film, which boasts a unique concept. The promotional content of the film has received an excellent response. Produced by Akhilesh Kalaru, this film will be released in theaters on April 19. While the movie unit was busy with promotions, director VS Mukkhesh interacted with the media and shared interesting details about the movie.

– I’ve made a lot of short films on Telugu One YouTube channel, close to 100+ videos, and there are videos on other channels too. I met Akhilesh Garu and narrated the “Market Mahalakshmi” script, which then began my feature film journey.

– I loved the “Market Mahalakshmi” script. Many people claim their films touch on new points. Honestly, we did touch on a new point that has not been explored until now, and that’s going to be the major conflict. I don’t want to exploit this sensitive topic for promotions. We couldn’t reveal it in the teaser or trailer as it would spoil the experience.

– I’ve known Parvateesam for a long time, and he’s a good friend of mine. I chose Parvateesam and an unknown actress because they fit the characters perfectly. As a debut director, it was challenging to attract established stars. This project was about proving my directorial capabilities.

– “Market Mahalakshmi” is a complete love story and family entertainer. The film will be close to reality because I know a man who loved a vegetable seller girl and married her. The film is based on a real love story. I’ve also observed a few people in the markets.

– The background score and songs of “Market Mahalakshmi” will be amazing and fresh. Once you watch them in theaters, you’ll love it.

– Innovative promotions, like the viral slap incident during an interview with Sreemukhi and Parvateesam, are part of our strategy.

– I hope that the audience will love our sincere effort. We risked everything for it. My confidence is not in the actors, but in my script, which I believe will impress the audience.

– Our film recently got censored with a U/A certification and a crisp 2 hours and 14 minutes runtime. The film begins with the story, and we didn’t drag it out or waste any frames. We also showcased the film to a few industry people who will proudly share their opinions after the film’s release.

– We’ve completed the entire shooting portion in 24 days, including 6 songs and a fight, without double call sheets. We did extensive pre-production work, which resulted in a quick completion. I want to prove my potential with this film.

– Without a doubt, both Parvateesam and Praneekaanvikaa have delivered performances that do complete justice to their roles. I think it’s going to be a comeback film for Parvateesam.

– We got a lot of OTT offers, but our team is fixed on going for a theatrical release. We are taking a calculated risk, and I hope it will pay off.

– With confidence, I can say that even if only one person watched my film in theaters, they’ll surely like it.