Patang’ lyrical video song released Hyderabad’s Old City*


Until now, the audience has seen many sports dramas in Indian cinema. But for the first time, a comedy sports drama film has been made. Its title is ‘Patang’. Kite competition is at the core of the film, which has been jointly produced by Vijay Sekhar Anne, Sampath Maka, and Suresh Kothinti under the banner of Cinematic Elements and Rishan Cinemas. It is directed by Praneeth Prattipati. Naani Bandreddi is its creative producer. The film stars Instagram sensation Preethi Pagdala, Zee Sarigama runner-up Pranav Kaushik, and Vamsi Pujit in lead roles. Famous singer and actor SP Charan is going to be seen in a pivotal role in this film along with a few new actors.

The film has completed its shooting and will hit the screens this Summer. Meanwhile, a lyrical video song from ‘Patang’ has been released. ‘Hey Hello.. Namasthe’ is its title. It was released innovatively on Saturday in the old city of Hyderabad. This song was released by famous lyricist and Oscar award-winner Chandra Bose and popular director Anudeep KV.

On this occasion, Chandra Bose said that he was very happy to attend the event. “The reason I am here today is because of the creative producer of this film, Naani Bandreddi, who is such a talent. A film directed by him is also coming soon. He is the creative producer of this movie, thanks to his directorial experience. This movie will bring him a good name. Moreover, this film has platformed new actors and technicians. I hope that this film becomes a big success and brings a good name to everyone. Jose Jimmy’s music is also very pleasant. He has a bright future as a music director. Pranav, who acted in this movie, is a good singer and will earn a good name,” the lyricist said.

Popular director KV Anudeep said, “Nani is my best friend. I like this song very much. I want this film to bring a good name to everyone.”

Sampath Makka, one of the producers, said, “Nani is the only reason for making this movie. I, who was in the software field, became a producer with this film just by trusting him. After listening to this song, I said OK to do the film. Our journey started with this song. This song, which extols the beauty of Hyderabad, will remain the anthem of Hyderabad.”

Creative producer Nani said, “The film’s director Praneeth, and music director Jose Jimmy will be remembered at least for a decade.”

Executive Producer Nikhil said, “When the creative producer of this film met with a major accident, the entire team was very upset. He surprised even the doctors who thought that he would survive or not. He recovered very quickly. It was his love for the film that kept him alive.”

Along with heroes Pranav Kaushik, and Vamsi Pujit, heroine Preethi Pagdala, music director Jose Jimmy, choreographer Aata Sandeep and others participated in this ceremony.

Cinematographer: Shakthi Aravind, Music: Jose Jimmy, Editor: Chanakya Reddy, Production Designer: Venkat Saathavahana, Costume Designer: Meghana Saathavahana.