Nede Vidudala entertains


Asif Khan and Mouryani starrer Nede Vidudala is bankrolled under the banner Aika Film Factory. This family and message-oriented entertainer, helmed by debutant Ram Reddy Pannala, hit the screens today. (March 10). Nazurulla Khan and Masthan Khan jointly produced this flick. Let’s see to what extent the movie entertained the audience, which gained good buzz through its promotional content.


Siddhu (Asif Khan) works in a company that promotes movies. He will also be in a relationship with Harika (Mouryani) during the same time. Producer Satyanand (Kasi Vishwanath), who produced a big-budget film, requests Siddhu to promote it. Siddhu ensures the film gets a good hype which results in good openings. Unexpectedly, the movie succumbs to piracy resulting in huge losses. Hence producer Satyanand dies. Siddhu can’t take this. Why did the producer die? Is the producer’s death making sense? How did the collections of the film dip all of a sudden, which got very good mouth talk? Did Siddhu find out the reasons? If yes, what did he do then? The main film has the answers.

Story – Screenplay – Analysis:

Youthful family entertainers will always be a delight to watch. If such films have a message, they will perform extremely well at the box office. If the story point is good, the screenplay is interesting, and the movie is narrated in an engaging manner, the producers will be safe, and the director will also get a good reputation. Nede Vidudala falls under this category. The director has not only come up with an interesting story and screenplay, but he has made sure to give a message to the film. While the first half runs on a funny note, the second half has the core point and is also laced with family elements. After the plot shifts to Mangalore in the second half, the comedy sequence about Vegetarian food that happens in the heroine’s house evokes laughs. Also, the delightful dialogues are an asset to this film.

The movie also depicts a valuable concept of how people can enhance their life span if they take vegan food by avoiding routine food. Also, the tensions producers face if their films leak online immediately after release are nicely showcased. Though a few films in the past came along similar lines, the solution presented in this film is unique.

Hero Asif Khan’s character will connect fairly to youth. He lived in the role of a responsible youngster. He was good in action and romantic scenes. Mouryani, who played the female lead, scored equal marks in the glamour and performance departments. She has got a good screen presence too. Kashi Vishwanath, as producer, does well in his limited role. The guys who played the hero friends evoked laughs in the second half. The guy who imitated the film stars did exceptionally well. Appaji Ambarisha, who played the hero’s father, is good in his role. Others like Madhavi, T.N.R, Adhurs Anand, Peela Gangadhar, Jabardasth Naveen, Ashok Vardhan, and Rasagna did what was required of them. Asif Khan, the protagonist who got introduced in this film, surely will go a long way in his career. He is very natural as Siddhu.

Coming to the director, Ram Reddy Pannala, succeeded in showcasing the serious issue faced by the film industry. The screenplay he wrote around this interesting point is exciting. Ajay Arasada’s music is good. The songs are nice. The editing could have been crispier. CH Mohan Chary’s cinematography is rich. He depicted the lead pair in a beautiful manner through his lens. Producers Nazurulla Khan and Masthan Khan produced the movie without compromising on production values, as the film looks rich throughout. Though there are a few minor flaws, the movie entertains nicely as a whole.

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