Nagarjuna launched Mr Pregnant Movie Trailer.


Mister Pregnant is produced by Appi Reddy, Ravi Reddy Sajjala and Venkat Annapareddy under Mic Movies banner with young hero Sohail and Roopa Kodavayur as leads. This movie is directed by director Srinivas Vinjanampati. The movie ‘Mr. Pregnant’ is getting ready for release on 18th of this month. King Nagarjuna recently released the trailer of this film. On this occasion,

Producer Ravireddy Sajjala said – Thanks to King Nagarjuna garu who came as the chief guest for our trailer release event. He always takes the lead in supporting new people. Starting with director RGV garu to till now Nagarjuna has the credit of introducing many new talents to the industry. I think that goodness is the reason for his charming looks. I would like to thank all the cast and crew who worked for our film.

Producer Venkat Annapareddy said – We are so happy that King Nagarjuna garu came to our Mr. Pregnant movie trailer release event. Everyone in our house are his fans. I have come from US for the promotional events of our film. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend this little time with Nagarjuna garu. Mr. Pregnant movie will be new, we have made it with a unique concept. Hope you all watch and love it.

Producer Appireddy said – Mr. Pregnant is a movie thats so close to my heart. When my wife was pregnant in the US, I saw her struggle for 9 months. It is not possible to send it to the home of the owner like here in the US. I saw my wife’s struggle to bear a child. It was felt that only women have the strength to bear the pain of pregnancy. My Salute to all those women. When I heard this story, I was shocked. Male pregnant is a new topic. This movie is a movie made to show the best of women. I hope all the female audience will support it. Nagarjuna gaeu always inspires us. His movie Hello Brother is my all time favorite movie. If I’m low, I still listen to Hello Brother songs to relax for a while. We thank Nagarjuna for supporting our film. Said.

Producer Bekkem Venugopal said – On behalf of this film team, I would like to thank Nagarjuna garu who supports the newcomers. Im travelling with Mr. Pregnant team since the script stage of the movie. Mic Movies is producing each of their movies with new stories. Our audience appreciates new endeavors. I want this film to be a super success.

Director Srinivas Vinjanampati said – We grew up watching Nagarjuna sir’s films. Today I am proud to sit next to him and release the trailer of my film. When I told Mr. Pregnant story to many producers, they were afraid to accept the story. They doubted that we could not make this an experimental film. But Appireddy, Ravi Reddy and Venkat believed in this story and decided to make a different movie. If you are talking about mom, just write two letters Amma. This is the story of a father who takes his mother’s hard work for delivery. The movie is new and impressive. Hope you like the trailer.

Heroine Roopa Kodavayur said – This movie is like a feast for the audience who like new type of movies. When I was approached for this project I thought it was possible to make a film like this. But the movie was shot beautifully. Appireddy garu always gives opportunities to Telugu heroines. Mic Movies feels like a family to me. This is a good experience. Be sure to watch the film on August 18th.

Hero Syed Sohel said – Nagarjuna is the reason for the recognition I got among the Telugu audience. He supported us a lot in Bigg Boss. Treated like their own. If I feel low, Nagarjuna sir words gives me courage. I showed him the glimpses of this movie and asked him to come for the trailer release. He said he will definitely come and he came today with a sign. No matter how much I say thank you to Nag sir, it is too little. We hear how hard it is for a mother to bear a child for nine months. But I am going to show that difficulty through my character as a boy. I thought it was brilliant. There is both emotion and entertainment. After watching this movie, you go home and hug your mother. Watch Mr. Pregnant movie with family..

King Nagarjuna said – Sohel became the winner in Bigg Boss without winning the cup. He is very intelligent. He played every game, every task hard. The desire to win was visible in him. He made this film with such persistence. I was interested in Mr. Pregnant how men get pregnant and how it was shown in the movie. The trailer is very good. After watching the trailer, I became interested in watching the movie. The trailer is emotional. This is the first movie for director Srinivas. He himself wrote the script. This is a difficult subject. It is understood that it is well screened. All the best to the team of this film. Appireddy, his brother and all friends, thank you for the words you have spoken about me. This is the fourth movie in Mic Movies banner. I sincerely want the whole team to be successful. Pregnancy and delivering is sharing a new life. During Akhil’s delivery time, I was at home for six months without any shootings. That time was the best move in my life.