‘Mr Pregnant’ is a good movie – Director Srinivas Vinjanampati


‘Mr Pregnant’ is the upcoming film produced by Appireddy, Venkat Annapareddy and Ravindar Reddy Sajjala under Mic Movies banner with Syed Sohel Ryan and Roopa Kodavayur. Director Srinivas Vinjanampati has made this film with a new concept. The movie ‘Mr Pregnant’ is releasing on 18th of this month. Mythri Movie Distributors are releasing this movie in Nizam area. As release date is nearing, director Srinivas Vinjanampati interacted with media about the film.

– We are from Ongole. I used to work as a soft engineer. I have worked in software companies in US and Canada. The I got interested in direction. I did a short film while in Canada and It got an award. The producer of this film Ravindar Reddy Sajjala is my friend. I told him the story of this movie. Appireddy heard the story through Ravindar Reddy. He liked the story and told the story to some women in their family as well as friends’ families. They all got emotional after hearing this story. They all suggested Appireddy to do this film. Thus the ‘Mr. Pregnant’ project started.

– We thought of some famous heroes for this dilm. Because some scenes in this would be good if star heroes did it. We tried to do it with Nani but failed. We sent the script to Vishwak Sen. Sohel is already my friend and he knows about this story. He asked me many times that I will do this story. He went to Bigg Boss when the project was set. He got a good name in that program and became famous, so we made a movie with Sohel that he would justify this story. He gave a very good performance. Roopa Kodavayur, a Telugu girl, conveyed the emotions well. She showed expressions with her eyes. Being a doctor is also an advantage for this character.

– Some events in my personal life inspired me to write the story of this film. My wife gave birth to a pre-mature baby. I saw firsthand how hard she worked to take care of that baby. I read in the paper that there is a male pregnant named Thomas in the US. Since then I started trying to write one such story.

– If it shows the hardships of women during pregnancy, it becomes an art film. Apart from that, we have combined this movie with commercial elements and a good love story. But when a male is pregnant, everyone reacts strangely. The audience will also be surprised at first but we believe they will connect to the emotions in it. Only when someone does an experiment can we go in a new way. Even when I was a software employee, I tried to be innovative in my job.

– Mic Movies Producers supported me in all ways in movie making. Good technicians were given. The cost was spent as per the demand of the story. Now they are happy after seeing the output. I felt happy that the producers told the story as well as I narrated to them. Today we are arranging a special show for 100 pregnant women.

– Shravan Bharadwaj music will be an added asset for the movie ‘Mr Pregnant’. Also Nizar Shafi’s cinematography and Prawin Pudi’s editing gave good technical support. You’ll have seen the trailer and everyone liked it. We are also confident in the film. It is said that we have made a good film in the Telugu film industry. They will like our film not now but after ten years. From college age to old age audience will connect with our movie. After the introduction of the characters, the audience will travel with the characters of the hero and heroines. You will get goosebumps at the interval bang. Climax 45 minutes you will see the film without moving from the seats. This is a movie that should be watched by a boy for a girl and a girl for a boy. It is releasing in 100+ theaters in the US.

Discussions are going on for the next movie. Efforts are underway for a big project. The film will be made in a commercial way. I make movies that I watch with my family. New project details will be announced soon.