“Mahanatulu” trailer out, film set to premiere on 25th this month


Directed by Ashok Kumar, “Mahanatulu” is a fresh cinematic venture. Anil BoddiReddy and Dr Tirupathi R Yarram Reddy produce the movie under ABR Productions and ABR Entertainments. The cast includes Abhinav Manikantha, Goldie Nissi, Maddy VJ, Pawan Ramesh, Bharat Reddy, and others. This uproarious creation, crafted in the style of Jati Ratnalu, is poised for a grand unveiling on the 25th. The film’s trailer recently hit screens.

The “Mahanatulu” trailer is a captivating blend of humor and suspense. Director Ashok Kumar unveils the escapades of three aimless fellows – Seenu, the standup comedian, TB, the film critic, and Mimar Pardesi. Their lives take an unexpected turn with the arrival of a charming girlfriend named Josh. The trailer takes a riveting twist, leaving us pondering if the new love interest is Manisha or something more sinister. The much-anticipated “Mahanatulu” is all set to dazzle audiences on the 25th.

Story and Lyrics by P Sudheer Verma, Additional Dialogues by Manoj Sri Harsha, Cinematography by Siddam Naresh, Music by Marcus M, Production Design by Rajasekhar, Editing by Carthic Cuts, Art by Hemant Kumar, PRO – GSK Media, digital partner -warey media Producers – Anil Bodhi Reddy and Dr Tirupathi R Yarram Reddy, Directed by Ashok Kumar.