“Mahaanatulu” Set to Captivate Audiences On August 25, Inspired by Jathi Ratnalu Style


Anticipation is building as the uproarious comedy “Mahaanatulu,” reminiscent of the beloved Jathi Ratnalu style, gears up for its highly awaited release on the 25th of this month.

Directed by the accomplished Ashok Kumar, “Mahaanatulu” is a cinematic creation brought to life by the esteemed collaboration of Anil Boddireddy and Dr. Tirupathi R Yarram Reddy, serving as producers under the prestigious banners of ABR Productions and ABR Entertainments. The ensemble cast includes the talents of Abhinav Manikantha, Goldie Nissi, Maddy VJ, Pawan Ramesh, Bharat Reddy, and other notable actors who play pivotal roles in the film.

Director Ashok Kumar shared his insights into the making of the movie, stating, “Throughout my career, I’ve ventured into diverse cinematic genres, but comedy has remained unexplored territory for me. ‘Mahaanatulu’ is a delightful concoction of humor and entertainment, a project that I personally crafted with sheer joy. The narrative orbits around four distinct characters and their journey to becoming a cohesive team, culminating in the creation of the uproarious YouTube channel named ‘Mahaanatulu.’ I am confident that the audience will revel in the charm of this cinematic endeavor. Join us in the theaters on the 25th of this month.”

The creative forces behind the scenes include P Sudheer Verma as the mastermind behind the story and lyrics, Siddam Naresh as the skilled cinematographer, and Marcus M, the maestro responsible for the captivating musical score. The film’s visual aesthetics are meticulously crafted by Rajasekhar, while the seamless editing is the craftsmanship of Carthic Cuts. Art direction by Hemant Kumar sets the perfect backdrop, and the media representation is expertly handled by GSK Media. The dynamic duo of Anil Bodhi Reddy and Dr Tirupathi R Yarram Reddy spearhead the production, with Ashok Kumar at the helm of direction.

With its uproarious humor, compelling storyline, and an ensemble of talented actors, “Mahaanatulu” promises to be a cinematic delight that will have audiences laughing in the aisles. Mark your calendars for the 25th of this month and experience the magic of “Mahaanatulu” in theaters near you.