‘Inti No. 13’ started with 72 theaters and now running in 120 theaters.


The movie ‘Inti No.13’, which was released on March 1, once again proved that audiences would always encourage a good movie and they would come to the theater to watch it, no matter what. These days, when the number of people coming to theaters is drastically dropping, Inti No.13 has achieved a remarkable feat, as it reversed the scene.

What started with a modest release in 72 theaters has now increased to 120 theaters in the two Telugu speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Makers say that a great mouth talk from the audience is one of the main reasons for the success of this movie. The movie which is laced with numerous twists, a great background score and unique touch of director is also showering with collections from all over.

Elated with the response from the audience, director Panna Royal expressed his happiness over the success of the movie. He said, “ Several films were released on March 1, both big budget and small budget movies. Despite this, our movie, Inti No,13 managed to stand out among the crowd and grabbed the good talk.”

The movie that has come as a silent film, with no much advertising is now raining with collections as there are housefulls in most of the theaters, especially the second shows, informed the director.

“We released the movie only in 72 theaters and now with the success of the movie it has increased to 120 theaters and is running successfully all over and is being acknowledged as a super hit film. And super hit talk is not limited to a single area, as we are hearing positive reviews from several areas,” said the director.

Reasoning the success of the movie, Panna Royal said that the thrilling elements of the film, suspense, mystery and unexpected twists, are the main reasons that the film managed to grab the audience’s attention.

“All these took the film to a new level. All of this is accompanied by a wonderful background score that gave the audience a new experience. There are countless goosebumps scenes in the movie. Everyone is enjoying them. Audiences in multiplex theaters are enjoying these special elements of the movie. We are very excited to hear from the multiplex audience that such a thrilling movie has not been released in recent times,” said the director.

Meanwhile, the director has also added that among his films so far, Inti No.13 has remained as one of the highest collections so far. “The collection has increased confidence in our film that it is definitely going to enter into the bigger league. I am sure, this movie will create a new trend.”

Inti No.13 was produced by Hesan Pasha under the banner of Regal Film Productions and Universal Studios. The music is composed by Vinod Yajamanya. Cinematography was done by PS Manikarnan.