‘Madhave Madhusudana’ is a film worth watching with the whole family. Director and producer Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao


Tej Bommadevara and Rishika Lokre played the lead roles in the upcoming movie ‘Madhave Madhusudana’. The film is produced and directed by Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao under the banner of Sai Ratna Creations, while it is presented by Bommadevara Sridevi. On the 24th of this month, ‘Madhave Madhusudana’ will have a grand release in theatres. On this occasion, director and producer Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao interacted with the media.

It is known that Ramachandra Rao started his career as a make-up man and he took up direction with Maadhave Madhusudana. “At the time of Manmathadu, I told Nagarjuna that I wanted to become a director. He suggested to become a producer, rather than a director, for my mentality. Anushka kept her promise and helped me to become a producer.

He says he approached many heroes for the movie. “When I felt it’s better to introduce my son as a hero instead, he too said okay. I didn’t start the project to make him a hero. But he doesn’t seem like a newcomer.”

Ramachandra Rao affirms he made the movie within the estimated budget. “It took one and half years to complete the script and I didn’t shoot unnecessary scenes.”

The director revealed when and where the story originated. “I was waiting at Kachiguda railway station for Nagarjuna during Azad movie time. Someone said that he had come. I ran and saw. But he did not come. This story was born out of the thought that what if someone we wait for doesn’t turn up? How it will be if a person we’re waiting for comes after 25 years? We have shown that in this movie.

Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao says heroine Rishika Lokre was supposed to do director Teja’s Ahimsa, but she was not selected. “I know about that girl, so I picked her for my film. Everyone used to say that she looked like Jahnvi Kapoor.”

He unveils Tej always wanted to become a hero. “He was blown away by the story of this movie when I first narrated him. He took an intense training. He trained in dances and fights.”

He concluded by saying, “’Madhave Madhusudana’ is a film worth watching with the whole family.”