Jagan’s advisor Prashant Kishor to get Rajyasabha seat?


YS Jagan’s previous guide and acclaimed political strategist Prashant Kishore may before long enter the Rajyasabha, state reports. In the wake of stopping Janata Dal, the political pioneer is set to challenge the up and coming Assembly decisions from Mamata Bannerjee’s Trinamool Congress.

As per sources, the residency of a portion of TMC’s Rajya Sabha individuals is up and the political decision for these four seats will be hung on 26th March and the TMC has chosen to field Prashant and his group for these seats.

The sources additionally uncovered that the Trinamool Congress picked Prashant Kishore on the grounds that they needed a solid voice to speak to the gathering at Rajyasabha and that he has high odds of getting chosen.

More details on the same will come out soon.