Jagan government’s Pension scheme becomes a hit


The administration of Andhra Pradesh has taken a new scheme to conspire famously and has been executing it on a fabulous scale. By chance, the administration volunteers who were employed by the state government are conveying the annuity sum straightforwardly to the family units. This has become a big hit and now, there is an interesting report about the same.

The other day, the state government circulated pension amount add up to 45.24 lakh people out of the absolute 58.44 lakh recipients and this is a record. No other state government has legitimately conveyed annuity to these numerous recipients in a solitary day. YSR benefits conspire was perhaps the greatest guarantee made by Jagan in front of the races and he is giving uncommon consideration towards the equivalent.

There is a lot of positive feedback for this gesture from Andhra Pradesh government.