I Wish ‘Ala Ninnu Cheri’ To Become A Big Hit, And Dinesh Gets A Big Break: Sai Rajesh at the pre-release event


Dinesh Tej, Hebah Patel and Payal Radhakrishna starrer ‘Ala Ninnu Cheri’ is a feel-good love story. This movie is presented by Kommalapati Sridhar under the Viision Movie Makers banner. Maresh Shivan directed this movie, while Kommalapati Sai Sudhakar is the producer. While Oscar-winner Chandra Bose penned the lyrics, Subhash Anand has given the music for this film. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is the editor and I Andrew is the cameraman. King Solomon and Ramakrishna are the action choreographers for this film. The film will hit the screens on November 10th. Interim, the team celebrated the film’s pre-release event on Tuesday with director Sai Rajesh attending it as the chief guest.

While speaking at the event, Sai Rajesh said, “Director Maresh is lucky to find producers like Sai Sudhakar and Sridhar. His first movie itself got such a good team. Dinesh is a very nice person and a good actor. He needs a proper break. Our lives changed with the movie Baby. I hope Dinesh will get a perfect break with this film. Payal speaks Telugu very well. I am a big fan of Hebah Patel as what Sridevi is to RGV. The teaser, trailer, and music of this movie impressed everyone. The film is coming on November 10th. Everyone should watch it and make it a big hit.”

Producer Kommalapati Sai Sudhakar said, “Thanks to Sai Rajesh who graced the occasion as the chief guest. All the best to the entire team who worked on the film. My father chose this story. After that, I also got involved in the project. It’s a story that everyone can connect with. A story that happens in everyone’s life. This movie is about the conflict between goal and love. Maresh is a very passionate director. Dinesh acts very naturally. He has got boy next door looks. This is Payal’s first theatrical movie. Hebah Patel is the main asset of this movie. She carried the film on her shoulders. The music given by Subhash is exceptional. Six songs written by Chandra Bose are amazing. Action sequences of King Solomon and RK are good.”

Kommalapati Sridhar said, “This is Sai Sudhakar’s first film. I saw this movie. Everyone did well. Dinesh’s performance touches everyone’s hearts. It is a wonderful feel-good movie. I believed that everyone would get a good name, right after hearing the story.”

Srujana said, “My father always encourages the arts. Maresh narrated the first half to me for four hours. He has full clarity on how to make the movie engagingly.”

Director Maresh Shivan said , “I am here because of Kommalapati Sridhar Garu. No matter how busy he was, he listened to the story. He has a lot of passion for cinema. Oscar award winner Chandra Bose penned all the songs for this film. Fights were composed by National Award winner King Solomon. Subhash Anand gave his life for this film. Producer Sai Sudhakar has a lot of passion. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film. Dinesh acted very naturally. Hebah Patel carried the second half of this movie on her shoulders. Payal’s character will be in the first half. This movie is a conflict between love and career. It will haunt you emotionally. Even after coming out of the theatres, you will remain in the same trance.”

Dinesh Tej said , ‘Maresh Shivan worked as art director for Husharu. He has a lot of passion for cinema. This movie should be a big hit for him. The family of Sai Sudhakar and Sridhar Garu always looks pacific. Even being the new producers, they have not compromised anywhere. The best team was given for the movie. I try to make films that connect with the audience. This movie also connects to everyone. Hebah is already a big star. Both Payal and Hebah acted brilliantly. What is my background, everyone used to ask me at the beginning of my career. My background is my directors and producers. My background is the audience that supports me. Our time will come soon. Our film is coming on November 10. It will not disappoint anyone.”

Hebah Patel said, “Thanks to Sai Rajesh who came as a guest to the event. Thanks to the director and producer for giving me a good role. Our movie is coming on November 10. Everyone should watch and support it.”

Payal Radhakrishna said, “I saw the trailer on YouTube. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I will watch it in the theatre along with everyone. This is my first film in Telugu. I learned Telugu language. It is a pleasure to work with this team.”

Cameraman I Andrew said, “Hats off to the guts of the producer who believed in the new director Maresh and made such a good movie. This film will join the list of sensational films that I have done before like Ullasamga Utsahamga, Darling, Endukante Premanta, and Gundejaari Gallanthayyinde.”

Music director Subhash Anand said, “It is very rare to find a commercial film with all kinds of elements. Thanks to the director for giving me the chance to be a part of this wonderful movie. This is my third film with Hebah Patel. Listen to the songs… Watch the movie… Everyone will like it. It stays in your heart. This is a story that happens in everyone’s life. “Chandra Bose’s lyrics are meaningful.”