I Am Glad To Be A Part Of This Web Series… Navdeep In ‘Maya Bazaar For Sale’ Pre-Release Event


Leader in Digital Streaming Platform, ZEE 5 is cruising ahead by providing unique and appealing content leaving an imprint on the audience. Now, ZEE 5 is getting ready to bring a brand new multistarrer Telugu web original, ‘Maya Bazaar For Sale’ to its esteemed viewers. With a unique narrative style made as a satirical drama, ‘Maya Bazaar For Sale depicts the interesting aspects of various families in a gated community. Along with ZEE 5, Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media banner has made ‘Maya Bazaar For Sale’ a sensitive and heartwarming joyful drama. This series revolves around families in a gated community. Gautami Chillagulla has directed this web series which starts streaming in ZEE 5 on July 14th. On this note, a pre-release event was held on Thursday. On this occasion…

Navdeep says, ” In the past, people in villages lived like a family. Every evening they get together and chitchat about all things. Such kind of heartwarming emotions were effectively captured by the Director. There are several kinds of people. Some don’t like cats while some don’t like dogs. The director handled all kinds of people with clarity. All the best to our Rana who is carrying the baton ignited by Ramanaidu Garu giving opportunities to the young team and bringing new products. I am glad to work with the team of Maya Bazaar.”

Director Tharun Bhascker says, ” I watched some part of the third episode from Maya Bazaar. I liked it a lot. It’s a tough job to join such a large number of actors at a place. I lived in Jagruthi Residency at Maredpally. Daily when I was having my coffee on the balcony, a girl used to read books on my opposite balcony at that time. One day my mother came to collect sundried clothes and unexpectedly she threw my undies to her balcony. This ended my love line. Such many instances happen in communities. Gautami is bringing all these things in this series. Don’t miss to enjoy it with your entire family along with coffee and biscuits in ZEE 5. This will turn into a brand new Amrutham.”

Senior Actor Dr. Naresh VK says, ” I watched the first three episodes. After listening to its concept, doing workshops, and having a shoot, this is the first time I watched this series. Maya Bazaar is an Olympic game changer in TV, OTT. It is too good right from the first frame to the last frame. Watching so many actors together reminds me of the Baahubali Premier. Director Gautami’s passion amazingly resulted in Maya Bazaar. Women look after their kids, send them to school, and come to sets. I saw my mother doing it. Maybe five years later, I talk from this same stage about Male Directors doing household work and readying their kids for school. Nowadays women are everywhere. My Mother used to say this is the future. Director Gautami worked splendidly. I enjoyed shooting Maya Bazaar. DOP, Music everything came out very well. My look is quite different in Maya Bazaar. I always wanted to sport such a kind of look. I am very happy that I did it in this web series. My 50th golden year is going on in my acting career. I scored hat-trick hits. Maya Bazaar will continue the success streak. The difference between small and big screens is slowly vanishing. Almost every house has a projector and a screen. We have our home theatres. This must be watched by every Telugu viewer. Especially those who are living abroad must watch Maya Bazaar. Everyone did a wonderful job. Neighbors are very important. Apartments have reduced the neighbor culture. Villas bring back it somewhat. It is a beautiful concept showcased as a small village. This is one of my career best works. Don’t be surprised if Part – 2 is announced shortly in ZEE5.”

Director Gautami says, ” I am here because of my family. While shooting Maya Bazaar, my daughter got a high fever. My entire family stood by and looked after her so that I could concentrate on the shoot. Thanks to my family. Shwetha worked in TCS, I worked in CSC. Every evening while we were returning to our homes on a bike, we used to buy vegetables at KPHB and talked about becoming filmmakers in the future while cutting vegetables. We dreamt about writing together and working together. I never thought I would do such a big series. I find myself cracking a tough exam. Thanks to every actor. Jhansi Gari’s role resembles my mother’s. She used to scold me all the time. Jhansi Gari’s role was also designed in the same manner. Another mother’s role resembles me. To many mothers, their kids are very n, g and only think about their well-being. Such characters came out very well on screen. I was doubtful whether Eesha would agree to do her role or not. But, she is very sportive. I enjoyed every day of the shoot. Now I am in a production hangover. I don’t know what to do tomorrow after getting home. We wanted Maya Bazaar to become a part of us like Amrutham. Everyone do watch it.”

Music Director Jerry says, “This is my second project in ZEE5. Sinjith and Anup supported me in composing the music. We composed a song for the main cast. It came out pretty well. BGM also synced perfectly.”

Lyricist Uma says, ” I roamed several offices for opportunities. But, I didn’t get one. The reason behind this is I don’t have any prior experience as a lyric writer. Gautama Garu gave me the opportunity. Thanks to her.”

Writer Shwetha says, ” As writers we used to write whatever we find exciting. The entire team worked for Maya Bazaar For Sale. So, we got a better output than we expected. “

Executive Producer Pranav says, ” Thanks to the entire team. Everyone worked very hard. Maya Bazaar for sale will surely leave the Telugu audience in splits.”

Hariteja says, ” I did a role in this series which is in no way related to my original character. Initially, I was worried to do this role. I gave a thought about whether I can do it or not. In the end, I gave my best for it. I am waiting for the release of ‘Maya Bazaar for Sale’. Enjoy watching all episodes. I got a successful feeling watching the positive responses for teasers and trailers. Everyone enjoys Maya Bazaar from tonight.”

Ravi Varma says, ” I did a comic role. I have learned a lot working with Natesh Garu. Hariteja lived in her role. It’s good to work in her combination. I laughed a lot while the writers narrated the story. Thanks to everyone.”

Senior Actress Geetha says, ” You will enjoy Maya Bazaar very much. I did a small role in this series. Everyone watch it.”

Actor Sivanarayan says, ” First three episodes look serious. Then you will see my situation. I did a villain role after Amrutham. Everyone do watch it and bless us.”

ZEE5 content vice president Sai Teja says, ” Thanks to Tharun Bhascker who graced this event as a chief guest. He gave a super hit by releasing his Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi and gave a blockbuster by re-releasing it. The cutout is enough for those who have content. Our Telugu audience will always embrace good content. Our Maya Bazaar has such good content. ZEE5 provides out-and-out family entertainment. Maya Bazaar stands tall in it. It can be watched with the entire family. It makes you laugh and cry in the climax. It came out superbly. Everyone did amazingly. Don’t watch it in piracy. Watch it legally on ZEE 5. We come to you from tonight. Close the doors and open your TVs. I wish Gautami Garu should give us more Maya Bazaars and Maya Sabhas. Thanks to Eesha Rebba Garu for doing this role.”

Eesha Rebba says, ” I connected to. many aspects of our community while Gautami narrated this story. Keeping aside whether I do this role or not, I thought about whether Gautami cast me or not for this role. I don’t want to miss this project so I blocked it. I loved it very much. I am very happy to become a part of this project. Everyone should watch it.”