Detective Karthik, based on a murder mystery, releases on 21st of this month


Ashok Reddy, who gained fame as a director with films like Mr and Miss, O Stri Repu Ra and Mahanatulu, is producing the new film Detective Karthik under Reading Lamp Creations. The movie is directed by Venkat Narendra. The lead roles are played by Rajat Raghav, Goldie Nissi, Shruti Mol, Anusha Nutala, Maddy, and Abhilash Bhandari.

The storyline revolves around a murder mystery, with Detective Karthik delving into the investigation. The film explores the intriguing circumstances surrounding the suspicious death of Rishita, a tenth-grade student. As Detective Sandhya joins the case and subsequently goes missing, Karthik takes charge, leading to unforeseen consequences. The movie follows Karthik’s journey to find Sandhya and unravel the truth.

The film is expected to appeal to a wide range of audiences, offering an engaging narrative and suspenseful moments. Siddam Naresh takes charge of the cinematography, ensuring visually captivating scenes, while Karthik Cuts handles the editing. The music, composed by Marcus M, enhances the thrilling atmosphere of the film. Hemant Kumar G serves as the art director and Production Designer Rajasekhar Sudmoon contributing to the visual aesthetics. Publicity Designing by RC Designs, PRO by GSK Media and Media partnered up with Warey Media brings this film to the theatres.

Ashok Reddy Tatiparthi, the producer, expressed excitement about the project, highlighting the intriguing murder mystery storyline. The film promises to captivate viewers and keep them hooked throughout its runtime.

Detective Karthik is an eagerly awaited release, bringing a thrilling murder mystery to the silver screen. With a talented cast and crew, including director Venkat Narendra at the helm, the film is poised to offer an immersive cinematic experience.