Hema Unhappy With Bigg Boss Telecast


In yesterday’s scene of Bigg Boss season 3, Hema got dispensed with the show. The on-screen character left the Bigg Boss house and has been making some stunning claims on the Bigg Boss creators now.

“They are not demonstrating the actualities. They have consistently been unmindful of me. They haven’t broadcast my AV also. It is an entire distinctive story inside the house. I was the person who explained the issue yet they have demonstrated it like I was the person who made it. I got countless votes in Google. Yet, they haven’t unmistakably referenced that the group of spectators can just cast votes through Hostar application.” Said Hema.

“They even said that they will cut the promotion in such an approach to advance however no such thing occurred. I request a clarification for that. Indeed, even the housemates considered me their sister and tossed me out of the house” included Hema.